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Success Story 5 - KHYATI


(Certified Natural Skincare Expert )
“Two Roads Diverged In A Wood - And I Took The One Less Traveled By, And That Has Made All The Difference” – Robert Frost

A perfect quote to initiate today's write-up. Every now and then, we do get chances to write and speak about people who have worked hard and set an example for others to follow them. But not very often, we come across people who have tread a completely new path and carved a niche for themselves. The path might have been troubled, patchy and at times even unsure for the traveler if he/she is doing the right thing. But what matters in the end is the persistent approach to create a Pathway for yourself and let others follow suit. Thus, making this famous adage true, 

“Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead; Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail.”

Towing on the same lines, it gives us immense pleasure at the EK NEW LIFE team to introduce to one and all, Ms. Khyati. It has been such an incredible and overwhelming journey and it was really kind of her to let us take a peek into her life and draw some inspiration from it.

Born to an affluent Punjabi family in Chandigarh, Khyati was raised with love, care and affection of her grandmother post the separation of her parents at a young age. Her Grandmother is her Biggest support system and Greatest motivator as well. Her Father and Grandmother have been like the Rock of Gibraltar who have supported each and every decision of Khyati. They are her Biggest FAN’s and her most honest critics as well. Right from her childhood, she was very attached to books and reading was an inherent passion. She was very studious and stood out in her academics in the 10th and 12th Grade Boards as well. Coming from a family of Academicians and Professionals, she pursued her graduation in Commerce from Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, Chandigarh and completed her Post Graduation in Commerce from Punjab University. She enrolled for her CA Course, but her calling was somewhere else and over a period of time, she realized that she didn’t want to be a part of this so-called vicious circle of the corporate world. It was a tough call to make, but with the support of her Grandma, she took the final call and dropped the CA course to chase her dreams and follow her passion. There was a lot of Why’s and How’s that she had to answer now. The moment she had enrolled for CA course, people had made the predictions of Khyati becoming an efficient CA simply resting on her academic records and astounding achievements of the past. Even today, she has her friends who work for the BIG 5 in the BFSI sector and everyone including her friends and family think that she would have done really good as a CA. But then, Her calling had already come and she was destined to do something Bigger and Better!!!

Khyati now turned her attention and garnered complete focus towards Skin Care. This was not an alien subject to her, and it was her passion from a very young age. She wanted to take up science, but fate had other plans and she pursued Commerce.

Genes do matter and Khyati rightfully acknowledges this as a genetic boon from her mother who was also into Skin Care. Khyati believes that Skin Care treatment is in her genes and in the due course of time, she took naturally to it, just as Fish takes to water. Her Parents were of the opinion that she should take some online course or certification in skin care or Certificate in Medical Esthetician.

She initially started by watching YouTube Videos and wasn’t happy with the kind of treatment and therapies suggested. So, she started with her Own Therapies and treatments. Her treatments were working, and people came to her from all over to seek her guidance and help regarding skin care. She was asked the same stereotypical question, If she was a Dermatologist Or an Aesthetician? She had prepared many concoctions and skin-care remedies for her clientele. However, there was still that ounce of doubt in people’s minds as to why they should try it, and Will it work? This made her realize that she has to add more value to her consultation and that initiated her next step towards becoming a Certified Skin Care Expert Therapist. And doing this course wasn’t easy, she had started to work in the Health and Life Sciences industry in a regular 9-5 job and was taking Tuitions for Commerce students in the evening. She had enrolled this course without the knowledge of her family and in the end, she surprised her family with this certification leaving them spell bound and ecstatic. The juggling between course, work and home was difficult, But in the end, every single struggle was worth it and Khyati is doing what she loves doing now.

In 2017, while she was still pursuing her master’s degree, she tried dwelling into skin care. At that point of time, YouTube had a large section of people who prophesied and even advertised skin care treatments. She started her first Instagram handle in September 2017 and has slowly and steadily increased her follower base. As of today, she has close to 8000+ followers who are her biggest support system and their word of mouth publicity is garnering more support for her. What started off as a hesitant approach has become a Trusted treatment and it is slowly catapulting Khyati into a Brand status.

Khyati always believed that, just as we feed our body with healthy nutrition, similarly, we have to provide the correct nourishment to our skin as well. Taking this thought further gave birth to the Author in Khyati and helped her add one more feather to her cap. In the year 2019, she completed her first book titled, “Soothing Skin Food” and published it under Blue Rose publishers. The title of this book was well thought, Khyati came up with this brilliant idea to give nourishment to the skin and to make it catchier and sync with the current generation, she came up with the Title, “Soothing Skinfood”. It’s a simple book with optimum and minimalistic jargons. This book has all possible effective recipes with organic, natural and healthy ingredients that are used in Indian households by women for taking care of their skin. The length of the book just spans 65 pages, but the core strength of the book are the remedies and treatments mentioned in the book. It is one of those books in the online portal world that has got the unique distinction of readers giving it a 5 STAR rating purely for the simple and effective treatments mentioned in it. This book, Soothing Skinfood has been the stepping stone for her and has inspired her to write her next book which will hit the stands very soon.

Khyati organizes Skin care treatment workshops, wherein she teaches her tried and tested recipe for various skin treatment and care. She had recently conducted a 1-week program which saw a large attendance of people attending this program. Here is a program which is teaching care and nourishment of skin using household products. The attendees have personally come and told Khyati that they remember their parents and elderly people at home mentioning the same, but somehow, they couldn’t validate it. But now that Khyati is telling them the same, they are trusting her advice and following her treatment. She blends traditional conventional methods along with the recent ones and tries to apply the same with the usage of simple ingredients. She has split the skin age into the 5X series, wherein she has divided the skin age into groups of 5, i.e. 15-20, 20-25 and 25-30.

So, for the age group of 15-20, the skin tone is quite delicate and tender, and it shouldn’t be exposed to commercial creams with potent chemicals. However, one can use tomatoes to save from Sun Tan and delicate moisturizers, mild cleansers to clean the face. Similarly, for the age group of 20-25, the skin tone changes and one can try medicated skin treatments. However, we should refrain from doing facials and resort to doing Cleansing.

She strongly believes that, Any person needs to give due importance to Skin health just like we give importance to our overall Body. In today’s world and time, where people are stressed out and have multiple tensions and worries, they don't realize that this is causing a greater misery for them in terms of their skin health. Ironically, the well being of the Skin is directly related to Mental health and well being of Mental health is related to the Skin health.

The business that she is into requires her to be interacting very closely with her clientele. She makes it a point to understand her client and their issues and after a thorough understanding, she will prescribe them the required treatment. She generally starts with a 1-week program and gradually extends it to a 1-month program. The results can vary and sometimes, it might as well take a bit longer. She has devised and conceptualized a daily program which has different treatment every single day for her clients. She is not rigid about the ingredients and advises of alternatives to her clients if a said ingredient is unavailable. She also makes it a point that she understands her client and their working pattern. If her client is a working woman and can’t apply the treatment at a specific time due to work commitments, then she plans it accordingly and suggests a better time to do the same when they are at home in their own space. She ensures that she contacts her clients every single day and checks on their well being and the effects of the treatment on their skin.

Khyati has been an ardent follower of Shahnaz Hussain. Khyati wants to follow her footsteps and wants to create a name for herself and a brand for her work. She envisions this happening in the next 5 years, wherein she wants to reach out to people and serve them by helping them help themselves in taking care of their skin. Probably, that’s what Khyati will be known for, Someone who CARES for the Skin.........

Khyati was selected to be part of Brand Skinella’s Skindrella contest in February 2019, that was promoting Natural Skin Care. She emerged as one of the Top 10 contestants from all over India. This event was equally special and memorable for her as this event allowed her to make her Father’s maiden Flight trip- A Dream come true!!!!

There is this growing sect of people who call themselves as Influencers and they try to outshine the experts with their limited knowledge. There has to be a specific line drawn between an Influencer and an Expert. This is a time-consuming process which requires oodles of patience and consistency.

The current pandemic mode hasn’t been a blocking factor and she has been able to Focus more on herself. She has always been an early riser and starts her day with Yoga, A family Breakfast and then resume work. She has been doing a lot of shoots and gets engaged in some active and meaningful discussions with influencers who share their knowledge and experience with her. Her thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement keeps her on her toes always.

Khyati is an ardent follower of Ek New Life and has taken a liking for the title. She likes the content and has been following the page devotedly for some time now. Just on the same lines of Ek New Life, Khyati strongly believes that One has to be sure of their dreams and listen to themselves. If we have decided to do something, we should be focused and dedicated and shouldn’t leave our dreams. Dreams are meant to be pursued, chased and accomplished. People can get nosy at times and start raising doubts over our decisions. She recollects one incident from her personal life, wherein some of her relatives were trying to get inquisitive about her work and Khyati was just starting with her business back then. The Earning wasn’t much, and she was just establishing herself. The relatives were nosy about her earnings and before she could say anything, her Grandma pitched in for Khyati and shut down the discussion once and for all stating that, YES Khyati earns a Decent money out of her venture. Khyati was a bit surprised at this statement, For which her Grandma later on replied, “People won’t stop speaking, Speaking is their Vocation, but Listening to it is our choice. So, we better tell them what they want to hear and shut it up once and for all'' Golden words spoken by Grandma linger on Khyati’s mind till date.

With dreams to fulfill and loads to achieve, we hereby wish Khyati tremendous success in all her future endeavors.You may follow her page for useful Skincare recipes:

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Stay focused and live every single moment. Happy Life Ahead!!!!!

Interviewed By Sonu Singh
Written By Soumyashree Bangera
Idea Reference: YouTube - TEDx and Personal Experiences


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