About Us

My Name is Sonu Singh Yadav. I originally hail from a small village in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). I have spent a major part of my life in Mangalore (Karnataka). I have completed my studies in Mangalore and  I'm a BE graduate in the field of Information Science.

I am currently working as a Team Lead in one of the reputed organizations in Mangalore (Karnataka). With a total work experience of around 8 years, from being an Assistant Lecturer in an Engineering College to currently being a Team Leader in a Web Hosting company and also working as a Freelancer, my journey so far has been wonderful. This journey made me learn a lot about life which I wish to share to help others.

My main intention of publishing this blog is to help people understand that they can make their life even more productive and meaningful if they take a step forward towards understanding life better. Probably giving a new look to life as the blog tagline says.

The information shared on this blog is based on the knowledge I have received from Personal Experiences, Books, Youtube videos, Family and Friends, Colleagues, etc. Most of the suggestions or ideas shared here are implemented and I was able to get desired outcomes . All it took was to slightly change the way I am to find a better ME in ME.

Not all would be able to relate to the information shared here but if you are open to ideas and suggestions, try implementing and see the magic. In order to see positive results , you need to be open minded and self disciplined. 

If you like my ideas and if you would like to share your ideas to help more and more people, please get in touch with me. You may fill the contact form on this blog and I will get in touch with you.