Monday, September 30, 2019

Failure – A Blessing In Disguise

Many a times we tend to blame ourselves for no reason. The things we say to ourselves ”How stupid of me” or “How dumb I am” or “How could I do this lame mistake” so on and so forth. Many a times we just say it casually but sometimes we take it too hard on ourselves. As human beings we need to realise that Failure is just a part of human experience. However each of us responds to it so differently. Some just criticize themselves so bad while some just take it easy on themselves. How we respond to it really affects our physiological health and our overall well being.
Failure is often treated like a taboo in our Indian culture. No matter how much you do or how much you achieve in life, always more is expected from you no matter what. Example: A child gets 98% in his board exams, more than congratulating him/her on it, some parents are busy looking for that remaining 2%. The question is how is this going to affect the child. We need to understand and make others understand that failure is just a phase or a stepping stone to success. No man on earth has achieved success in life without failures. The reason why we miss out on this is because no one showcases their failures in life. Its only the success that gets recognition.
Failure has two by-products when bred in our minds. Shame and Guilt. Shame is an intensive feeling of being a flawed person, defective and unacceptable. Guilt on the other hand is a feeling of discomfort of what we have done. Say for example you followed your diet all week and on the weekend you loaded yourself with a bag of chips and some soda while watching Netflix. The next day when you feel fat and miserable. That’s SHAME. In a similar situation say you feel like you have done something bad and you feel silly about it, that’s GUILT. Shame is a feeling that wants you to hide and escape from reality. Guilt on the other hand works towards repairing your mistake and starting again.
Let’s be honest. Failures are inevitable. As long as you are ready to take the risk or try something new, you will face failures. How you interpret these failures and come out of it is totally up to you as an individual. Do not worry about what others have to say. Today they will tell you of your failures and tomorrow they will be the ones applauding you on your success. Its just a matter of time. Remember it’s your failure. Own it and accept it. Wear it on your chest like a badge of honour and keep your head held up high like a soldier. Its a battlefield out there. We all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect in this world. It’s no sin to make mistakes but not learning from it is a cardinal sin of life. Life is all about failures my friends. Take some time off and look back at all your failures in your personal lives and see how far it has got you today. The bottom line is that you have survived and its all about survival at the end of the day.
If anyone of you have come across any failures in life and come out of it shinning like a bright star. Do leave your comments. It will surely help those who are currently coping up with their failures. Let’s make this world a healthier place to live in. 
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