Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Magical Mind

Mindset, Mindfulness, Meditation

Our mind is a strong weapon which if used in a right manner can do wonders for us. Our mind consists of Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. This post is focused on the benefits of our Subconscious Mind and I love to call it as Magical Mind.

Subconscious mind uses our repeated actions to create a pattern which eventually makes it our natural behavior. If you continue to do something repeatedly for a number of days, our subconscious mind converts this act as a natural behavior.

Example : From our childhood if we are taught to brush our teeth as soon as we wake up in the morning and also in the night before we sleep, by now it would have become a natural act and would not need effort. This is because our subconscious mind has recorded a pattern than once we wake up and before we sleep at night, we are supposed to brush our teeth.

The type of thoughts we feed our mind and by playing the same thoughts repeatedly on our mind, our subconscious mind starts to implement a process to connect the dots to give life to such thoughts. This can be negative or positive. If we feed negative thoughts all the time, our subconscious mind starts hunting only for negatives in every situation. If we feed our mind with positive thoughts, it will search only for positives in all situations after a couple of days. 

Example:  We  often see people around us who keep complaining that they have a lot of problems in their life and they feel that they are the kind of chosen one for all the problems in this world. Even if something small happens they make it look like something big has happened. While they do so, they are indirectly feeding their subconscious mind to see negatives in all situations.. Even if there is a possibility of something good to happen, it cannot happen as their subconscious mind is searching for only negatives even in those good situations. Due to this they end up facing some or the other problem and make themselves believe that there is only bad which can happen to them. 

Even if we try to make such people focus on the positives, it will take time as their subconscious mind has generated a very strong pattern which will not allow them to think against it so easily. But. its definitely possible to change the thought process by retraining their mind repeatedly for couple of days. 

The reason I call Subconscious Mind as Magical Mind is because after understanding its behavior and functionality, my view towards life has changed and become more interesting. This is nothing less than a magic. 

If you have a goal and wish to achieve it, you can definitely do so with the help of your magical mind.  Here are some tips for people whose goal is to own a house and can be applied for any type of goals:

1. Choose a closed or a silent room : 

This will let you concentrate on your thoughts and imagination.

2. Close your eyes and imagine what you wish to achieve:

After you have closed your eyes, you will have to imagine a picture of the house of your choice. It may not be clear initially but after sometime you will have a better picture of the same. 

3. Feel as if you have already achieved your goal

Now, imagine that you already own the house of your choice. Feel it in real that you are already living in that house. Feel the floor , the interiors and your family members presence in the house, the color of the walls , arrangements of the furniture etc. 

4.  Imagine people's reaction after you have achieved your goal and feel it in real

Next, imagine people's reaction when they come to know that you finally have a house of your own. Imagine your parents reaction and their emotions. Feel that happiness in real and just imagine being in that house for a while to feel connected.

5.  Continue this exercise for 15 to 30 minutes every day for a month

This exercise has to be performed for 15 to 30 minutes every day to make your subconscious mind feel that this is happening in real life. This will help it to generate thoughts which can help you find connections between different situations of your life to achieve the house of your own.

This will be easy for people who meditate but for others, it may be difficult initially. If you continue this exercise religiously every day, you will see things happening in your favor.  It will be a beautiful feeling which you may have never experienced.  Practice it to believe it. 

If you have any such ideas or thoughts that can help others, please feel free to reach out to me by filling the contact form on this page.