Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Time Recycling System

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After writing my previous post on reducing the usage of plastic, I was trying to focus on the meaning of the word “Recycling”. Google explains it as, “the action or process of converting waste into reusable material”. I was then trying to relate this to personal life. If I compare my present self with myself a couple of years back, I observe that I'm able to do a lot of tasks which earlier was difficult or even impossible for me. These changes were possible only after I could recycle my time.

In order to explain this concept better, Il take two versions of myself. First one is my life a couple of years back and the Next one will be my current life.

Me - Few Years Back :
During my regular working days, I would sleep for 9 to 10 hours and used get up late in the morning to rush up with my routine. During this process I missed my breakfast a couple of times and also left my bag or my office related items at home. I would go to the bus stop and while I waited for the bus, I would listen to random music on my phone. Once I got into the bus, I do nothing else other than listening to music. After travelling for an hour when I reach office, I would feel tired. I had couple of tasks which were pending every time from the previous day and delaying it every day was not only making my task list longer but also adding up to the list of reasons of work pressure. I helped a lot of associates at work because I could see them put effort but struggle to find solutions. I had a lot of ideas to implement but couldn't find enough time to execute as I was busy doing a lot of work that was actually not required.. Most of the time, I took only 1 break because I felt I had a lot of work and found no time for myself. My lunch time was always delayed. I loved eating junk food as it tasted yummy when compared to the normal daily food. After my shift, I went home stressed out ending up having my dinner and lying on the bed. Though It used to be a long day, I would spend more time with the phone browsing social sites or chatting with friends as though the world was to end the same day. I used to sleep late in the night around 1 Am or 2 Am still browsing the apps on my phone.
During my weekly offs, I would get up late around 11 AM or 12 PM or even at 1 PM sometimes. I used to get up to have my brunch and then leave from home to watch newly released movies or shopping an item ending up spending a lot of money. One visit to the mall makes me spend around INR 1000 easily every week which means on an average INR 4000 a month. If I went along with friends then the amount will be slightly higher. I would came back home late in the night missing home food many times. I would hardly spent time with my family, even on my Off.
Me - Current Day :
During my regular working days, I sleep for 5 to 6 hours which means I have learnt to add 3 to 4 hours more to my day. I get up early in the morning completing my routine without having to rush. I read a couple of pages from a self-help book and also make a task list to make sure I complete most of the tasks on the same day. Using mobile apps to remind me of my daily tasks, makes my mind feel relaxed. I don't miss my breakfast now. While I travel by bus to the office, I listen to few motivational audios or learn something new on youtube. This not only boosts my day but also keeps me active.I reach office and my mind is still fresh. I review my tasks at work and I find less or no tasks pending from previous day. Based on the experience and feedback from my Managers and Colleagues, I have started to guide my associates to understand how to get the answer all by themselves than depending on others which will eventually help them grow in their position. This in turn, allows me to make time for execution of my ideas for the better of the process and also for the better of my team. I now take a couple of breaks to spend some time alone with myself or with colleagues and it is so relaxing. During my break, I also take a look at my task list for the day to see if there are any upcoming task or If I have missed any. I have started to take my lunch break early. I still love eating junk food but I have reduced the intake. After my shift, it does feels tired sometimes but then I still have a lot of energy to do some additional tasks. I reach home and spend some time with family. Post dinner, I spend some time to learn new skills that can help me create a new source of income. Next, I review my task list to check the progress and also plan on my task list for the next day. Reviewing my task list motivates me to take up more tasks. I watch something funny to calm my mind before sleep and then meditate for 10 to 15 minutes.This makes me sleep without any worry and I can sleep well and get up early.
During my weekly offs, I would get up around 8 AM to 9 AM. After I finish my routine and after a little reading, I have my breakfast. I then help my mom with the cleaning.I would spend some time with family and work on my personal projects. I spend some time with friends and then go out for a movie once a week (most of the time) well within the budget. Most of the time, I do window shopping to find something similar online at a better price. Once a month, I would eat at my favorite restaurant. This way I do not spend unnecessarily and save money to utilize it for something more important..While I go out and if I have to wait for a friend, that waiting time is replaced with reading a book, watching a nice video or listen to informational audio’s. I come back home and make a game plan for the week. This includes my tasks for the week with a breakdown of daily tasks. This makes it easy for me to complete my tasks on a daily basis as I have already prepared for it a couple of days in advance. I also analyze my expenses for the week and for the month to know my spends.
This way I have recycled most of my unproductive time to do something more useful. I hope this post will help you get some good results. If it does, please like, comment and share this post.