Sunday, September 1, 2019

A Note To Self and Everybody Else

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I had just reached home after a long and busy day. Post dinner, I spent few minutes to check the status uploaded by my friends on Whatsapp and few social media platforms. While I was browsing through some of the status on Instagram, my eyes got attracted to a post shared by one of my close friends, Ayana Perla. I thank Ayana to allow me to share her content on my blog. She says : 

India being a fast developing country, there are many things happening politically. However, pollution, deforestation and waste management has been the forefront for the climate change across the globe. In India, waste management is not very effective with the amount of waste that is being generated by the society. Each household contributes up to an average of 200kgs of waste every year and that is limited to the non-metropolitan cities. We have to take initiative and do our bit to improve the scenario. We all must come together to face the major climate change and environmental havoc that we humans have created. 


  • AVOID Plastic bags, Straws, Use-and-throw items like Wet Wipes and Tissues, Toothpaste, Shampoo and Conditioners, Face-Washes (especially the ones with beads)

  • RE-USE Existing plastic bags in dustbins (DO NOT buy plastic bags for this purpose alone!), Old paint tubs, Ice-cream boxes and other plastic containers

  • DENY One-Time use plastic bags completely
  • DO NOT  buy any Non- Degradable material, Do Not Throw away waste from a moving vehicle, Do Not use a plastic toothbrush, Do Not ask for a straw to drink juice – GULP IT UP!
  • ACCUMULATE the household waste and separate the degradable and non-degradable waste

  • Make use of a Compost Pot to convert the degradable waste into manure

  • Small-scale companies / hostels / hotels / restaurants can make use of Vermi-Compost Unit in their respective areas for the purpose of manure and can make money by selling it off!

  • Use the Grocery Packets to plant little saplings

  • Give away the Empty Milk Packets to the recycling unit

  • Hand over the Non-Degradable waste to the city municipality

  • USE Khadi / Cotton fabrics instead of synthetic or leather – you shall intern help the weaver community

  • Be mindful of what you consume in order to reduce the overall wastage

  • STOP buying instant food / processed food items as you shall indirectly support use and throw waste most of which are non degradable

  • Take an initiative against anyone or any company promoting plastic

  • Plant more trees

  • Be careful with water consumption

  • Use an old Cotton Handkerchief and Coconut Oil to wipe off the make-up from your face

  • Carry your own water bottles

After reading the above points, I felt this must be shared with as many as possible as all the above points makes so much sense. It may be difficult to follow all the above points initially but by practicing on a regular basis, it will become a habit.

You may also visit the below URL to check out the content directly from Ayana's profile (Highlights) :

If you wish to share any such ideas to help our people or society, please feel free to reach out to me by filling the contact form on the right. Lets take a step together to make this world a better place.