Saturday, August 24, 2019

Join the 1% Club

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I'm not sure how many of you have ever thought of this, but we are among those 99% of the people who are working for the 1% who don't work at all. Yes, you read it right!  We all are working for someone who does not have to work at all. He or she is enjoying his / her life in some other part of the world while we are having sleepless nights working for them so that they can make more money. Of course, the person has worked hard in the beginning stages of his career and is now enjoying life but why is it very rare to find such people? Let’s understand this topic a little deeper.

We are brought up in families whose main aim is to have their children study in a reputed school or college by paying a huge amount of money to end up working for someone else just for a couple of thousand rupees. If you try to recall your childhood, you may have heard from most of the people about a job but never about a business. Business was considered risky as it required huge investment back then and most of our families could not afford. So, only a handful of people thought of starting a business and the rest focused on finding a good job.

There is nothing wrong in working for any company but I personally believe that we are capable of much more than we actually think of. We always tend to follow the crowd as we feel it is right and safer to do so.  We have trained our mind to accept the decision of the majority as the truth.   

It's easy to follow the crowd as it does not need any effort. Here are some of the qualities of the 99% of the people: 

1.  Looks for Shortcuts
2.  No ‘Out of the box’ Thinking
3.  Crowd Follower
4.  Easily Demotivated
5.  No Fixed Goals
6.  Negative Approach Towards Most Situations
7.  No ownership / Leadership Skills
8.  Less or No Dedication
9.  Fault Finders
10. Expects More Growth By Working Less
11. Looks For More Profit
12. Not a Risk Taker
13. Less Disciplined
14. Looks for External Motivation

Most of the people offer suggestions and ideas to find alternatives instead of fighting for our dreams,. They do so because someone they know had already tried the same but failed. They fail to understand that each and every person has unique ideas, has better ways to handle situations and also have a different thought process. 

It takes courage to follow your dreams and become an entrepreneur. Such people display below qualities :

1.  Hard Worker
2.  Thinks ‘Out of the Box’ 
3.  Follows What Is Best For All
4.  Real Motivator
5.  Has Fixed Goals 
6.  Positive Approach on Every Situation
7.  Ownership and Leadership Skills
8.  Highly Dedicated At Every Task
9.  Finds The Best In All
10. Expects growth based On Tasks Completed
11. Looks For Profit - Self and Others
12. Risk Taker
13. Disciplined 
14. Self Motivated

In my field, we deal with customers over calls, chats and tickets. Their concerns are around the websites and servers. As I work for a domestic process, most of our customers are Indians and we have customers who are non-technical as well. It needs a lot of effort to explain the technical details about the server and websites to people with less technical knowledge. Many associates take this as a problem and talk negative about customers. This  in turn affects their performance as their mind is not ready to handle such customers and due to this they don't find solutions. On the other hand, only one or two associates consider this problem as an opportunity to find a solution for such customers. As they are open minded, solutions flow in their mind and they try to find a pattern of issues to help everyone. The brand starts to experience a positive impact in terms of revenue and customer base, if every customer gets solution to their problems.When the right time comes, the management will recognize such positive associates and these associates will see growth at a faster pace, unlike the majority. 

If you want to succeed in your life,  you should think of joining the 1% club. People in this club follow their dreams.  You will have to encounter a lot of "Nos". Your family, friends or colleagues may feel it’s not possible to go on in making your dream become a reality. There are people who stay focused on their goals in spite of listening to a lot of critics and always  find a solution to most of their problems.They take full responsibility and ownership  of their actions and  try to fix any damage caused in the process.They are self motivated by nature and they know very well how to utilize their knowledge and experience for the best of the majority. When they grow, they help others grow as well. 

So, it's up to you to decide if you want to be like the 99% of the people who work for someone else or do you want to grow like the 1% of the people.  Join the 1% Club Soon.