Monday, July 27, 2020

Read To Grow

Read To Grow
Read To Grow

This small read is very important for each and every person who wishes to grow in their life. When I talk about growth, we can associate this term with acquisitions of various kind like Knowledge, Money, Position, Human Psychology, Management etc. However, the one aspect which can be an immediate booster for these acquisitions is Reading. One can grow faster if he/she cultivates the habit of reading books on a daily basis.

What kind of books to read? If this is your question, then the answer could be varied depending on individual likes and preferences. However, my immediate and impromptu answer would be - Self Help books. This is one category that focuses on the overall development of an individual, irrespective of that individuals’ roots, education and walk of life. Every book under this category can help you in different ways. Some can help you by answering the questions of life for which you didn’t know whom to approach, some can help you with a road map to reach your goals, some can also help you to manage time and money which in turn will optimize your life and the list just goes on and on....

The best thing about self-help books is the way the concepts of living are expressed with parables and short stories. These are real stories of people and have happened with them and in a way we all could relate to the same. It puts the reader on a path to where they can read, practice the strategies learned, and make improvements in their lives without having to ask others for help. It also helps one to develop mental toughness to and start relying on oneself and develop skills to meet the daily challenges of life with a smile. It’s an indirect way of learning from other people’s experiences. 

I do understand that reading books can be boring at times, but this is only in the initial stages. If you can discipline yourself to read at least one page on a daily basis and stick to the plan, this can turn into a habit and slowly into a passion without your knowledge. The amount of knowledge that you acquire after reading can help you a long way in your life. After a couple of months of dedicated reading, you will be able to feel different from within and you will realize that there is a person within you who is more confident, passionate, energetic and wise.

I started reading books almost a year back and I have completed reading 15 to 20 books which makes it more than 1 book every month on an average. I used to love reading novels during my school days but once I got into engineering, reading novels remained an unfulfilled thought which rarely became a reality. I have always wanted to grow in life and subsequently help people grow.

I knew I had to read to achieve this, but I was finding it hard to start reading after a long gap. Without wasting more time, I began reading again and this time it was Shiva's Trilogy by Amish Gupta. After a few hiccups, I got hooked on to reading but I was not regular with it. I would instead watch YouTube videos which were more interesting. During one of those YouTube sessions, I encountered their suggestion to read books and this made me curious. Hence, I planned to read on a daily basis. I knew it was difficult, but I decided to read only one page every day. I was mentally prepared that reading one page should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes and that’s all I had to do. I started reading regularly and it has been almost a year, I'm a regular reader now. It has become a habit which I don't want to get rid of. 

The best thing about Books is that its one of the most least demanding things in the world. You have a book and it stays with you for life. It will stay in one place without expecting any attention love or respect. It will not demand your time as well and the very moment you pick it up to read, the Book will be happy to impart all the knowledge and wisdom back into you. There can be many good friends that one can have, but BOOKS are the one species of friends that are rare to find. 

Today, reading, printing and publishing have gone to an all new different level, but still the satisfaction of holding a book in your hand and reading pages out of it gives one immense happiness. Happiness that can never be told but can only be experienced.

The important lesson that I have learnt from self-help books is that these books can immensely help us understand the different challenges in our life and introspect our position and infer solutions to them, even before we encounter these challenges personally. People share their ideas, their problems, solutions, suggestions etc which help us be more confident on various aspects of life. Reading an inspiring book every day can do wonders to your mindset, it can hit your brain like a Tsunami of ideas every single day in terms of Good quotes, positive words and uplifting statements. If you can make time to read, it will enhance your thinking capacity and you’re mind in pristine health and care. 

It’s a beautiful feeling to read a book which can help you and others grow. Start practicing and change your life.

Some of my favorites :

1. Power of your subconscious Mind  - Joseph Murphy
2. Megaliving - Robin Sharma
3. Resolve Conflicts in your life - Dale Carnegie
4. Chanakya in Daily Life - Radhakrishnan Pillai
5.  Rich Dad Poor Dad Series - Robert Kiyosaki

If you have any such ideas which can help people in some way or the other, please get in touch with me by filling the form on this page and I will get in touch with you. Let us grow together :) :)

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Written by Sonu Singh Yadav
Edited by Soumyashree Bangera
Idea: Personal Experiences