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Make Time To Make More Time

Make Time To Make More Time

Make Time To Make More Time

In today's fast paced life, we have a lot to do in a relatively lesser time period. We spend most of our time on so many unproductive things and that results in us not having time for important and essential tasks. When we say we don't have time, it means that we either lack interest in the topic (due to various reasons) or we do not know how to make time for it. If it is the latter, then you can follow few articles from Google or YouTube around this topic or follow my suggestions on this post. However, if you do not have an interest in the topic suggested by any person, spend time on something that interests you but at the same time use it to grow as an individual and subsequently help others grow as well. Having said that, it’s imperative and important that you should know, how to manage time effectively for better productivity.

Every person is blessed with 24 hours in a day, yet some complete a lot of tasks and some just complete a handful of them. We usually feel that we have been trying very hard but are still unable to meet the deadlines. We should understand that before we get into a war zone, we must prepare and equip ourselves to handle different kinds of challenges. We have to pre-empt situations and envisage the outcome precociously.  This is only possible through strong planning which ultimately leads to victory in most of the cases. Similarly, we need to analyze different kinds of tasks to be carried out on a daily basis and make a game plan. Making a game plan helps us to complete multiple tasks in an efficient manner and also allows us to add up more tasks.

Among various books that I've read, the ones written by Robin Sharma has helped me design my game plan. He talks about making a ‘To-Do List’ as our first Action item the moment we wake up in the morning and review the same list before hitting the bed in the night. This Pre-Sleep review of the ‘To-Do List’ helps us to understand the number of activities that we managed to complete and the pending activities that have been moved to the next day. This kind of practice gives us a feeling of satisfaction before we sleep. In case of any incomplete tasks, we move them to the ‘To-Do List’ of the next day and the cycle continues. In case if you find it difficult to follow this as a fixed routine for a long time, practice it initially for just 21 days and gradually this Action will become a routine and slowly cascade into becoming a Solid Strong habit. Try it to believe it!!!!

‘To-Do lists’ are made keeping in mind that we have a personal life, professional life and also a family life. We need to make a list with tasks belonging to each category and then prioritize them accordingly. This way we can accomplish all the important tasks on a daily basis.

This activity helps us to:

1. Save our time and energy

2. Handle unexpected changes in the plan

3. Prioritize and Complete important tasks first

4. Take up more tasks gradually.

5. Balance Personal, Family and Professional Life seamlessly with the right proportion of Balance and Attention.

6. Be more productive

7. Seeing us handle and manage time better, we can inspire others to follow suit and help them to manage time.

My Sample To-Do List (On a daily basis- Working Days) :

1.  Meditation

2.  Preparing / Reviewing To-Do List - Personal, professional and family life

3.  Physical exercise

4.  One motivational video

5.  Read a book

6.  Early morning routine tasks including breakfast

7.  Listening to energetic / soothing music

8.  Office work

9.  Time for personal interests- Business / Blog / Sketching

10. Bed time

The above list covers most of the important topics to have a productive life. Time duration allotted for each action is altered, depending on how much more or less time is spent on other tasks during urgent and pressing situations.

Along with daily ‘To-Do List’, we also need to have a ‘Weekly To-Do’ list to make a game plan for the upcoming week. This will simplify your daily ‘To-Do List’ in a large way. You can either use books / journals or use mobile apps to make your ‘To-Do List’. Suggestions for mobile apps are Trello, Google Keep, Evernote etc. You can also get pre-defined ‘To-Do List’ format on leading E-Commerce sites to simplify your work.

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Written By Sonu Singh
Edited By Soumyashree Bangera
Idea Reference: Books & Personal Experiences