Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Appreciation - An Important Tool For Success

The word ‘Appreciation’ is such a beautiful word in itself. After being a part of corporate life, I have started realizing the importance of this word. But, this word is not limited to corporate world alone. We should appreciate anyone and everyone who does something good for themselves and for others. This action should be passed on to people around us to make this world a better place.

We often come across people who get jealous on seeing others succeed. They just keep thinking so much about others’ success that they start hating them, but when they have to face such successful people, they wear that fake smile on their face and talk good things that they really don't mean. A suggestion to such people would be to just keep their ego aside and try to appreciate the person from the bottom of their heart and see the magic. The person would definitely help  by sharing his practices and that will eventually help everyone  grow as well.

Appreciation at various Levels :

1. Appreciate your Parents : First and foremost thing is to appreciate your parents for whatever effort they have put in to keep you happy. This appreciation will not only make them feel happy but also will make your day. They will find ways to do more things that can make you appreciate again. This practice will create a strong bond between you and your parents and they will also be available to support you when needed.

Example : When my mom cooks delicious food, I tell her " Mummy aaj ka khana mast bana hai" and this statement makes her feel  that her efforts have paid off.

2. Appreciate your Siblings : In most of the cases, you siblings are close to you when compared to your parents. If you are the eldest, your actions can make a lot of difference in the youngsters life. So find opportunities to appreciate their efforts. It does not matter how much effort is involved but just appreciate. They will start looking up to you and you will gain respect. If you are the youngest, then you can find ways to appreciate your elder siblings and they will start supporting you.

3. Appreciate your Friends : Friends make your life even more special and these are the people with whom you can share anything and everything which you may not be able to share with your family members. You should try to understand them and appreciate them for the good they do. They will feel really happy to see someone close recognizing their efforts and it will motivate them. They will make sure to always stand by your side.

4. Appreciate you Partner : It may be your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, a partner in life is someone who is very close to you. In most cases, they are your mental and moral support. We must understand that like any other human beings, they also strive to gain appreciation from their loved ones and this takes it a long way in your relationship. It makes them feel that you value them and you should not miss any opportunity to appreciate them.

5. Appreciate your child : This will not only help you earn their Love and Trust but also will motivate them to keep doing good things. This will then become a habit and they will pass it to the people around them as they grow in life. When others see this good habit in them, they will have a good opinion about your child which is a great reward to you.

6. Appreciate your Colleagues : It may be your boss or a co-worker sitting next to your desk, find ways to appreciate them. This will not only make them feel good but also may help you grow professionally.  Appreciating your boss will make you learn new ways to improve yourself and appreciating your juniors or peers at the same level, will earn you respect.

7. Appreciate a Stranger : If you come across  a stranger and if  something in him  motivates you or makes you happy, then please go ahead and appreciate him/her. This will motivate the person and also makes him/her feel happy about himself/herself. This  will also allow you to  connect  with the person,  know him/her better and make new friends. This habit of yours will do wonders for you.

A very important point to note is that, you need to make sure that  you do not fake any appreciation just to get your work done. A genuine appreciation will automatically help you get things done in your favor in most of the cases.

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