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Power Of Writing

Power of Writing

Power of Writing

Back in our childhood, we were made to write and re-write alphabets in a loop mode, so that we could easily memorize and remember them for a long time. This was a kind of a retention mechanism used and practiced by parents and teachers alike.  We were made to read aloud and also asked to imagine a picture in our mind that resembles the word. This way we started to understand the connection between the word we write, the sound resonating its resemblance and the thing we visualized. Repeated writing helped us to record a pattern in our mind making it easy to recall the same in the future. Writing helps us see a better picture of any situation and this subsequently helps in taking better decisions.
The idea of this post came up after one of my friends approached me a couple of weeks ago to understand my opinion on switching jobs. This topic actually came up because he had another offer in hand, but he was confused whether to grab the offer or to continue with the current job. He has very friendly and caring friends at work, but he felt that there is not much of an opportunity to grow there.

After introspecting for a while, I asked my friend to get a book and a pen so that we could work towards finding a solution to this situation. I made him write the following pointers and also explained to him the importance of the same:

1. Career Goal and Priorities:  

You will see a growth only if you have a goal in your mind. If the goal is not clear, you will not be able to recognize the important resources to achieve your goals, although they are right in front of your eyes. Also, you need to understand your priorities in life. This can be Learning, mental peace, financial condition, career oriented, a mix-bag of all the aforementioned things, a few or even all of them. 

2. Resources to Achieve your Goals: 

This includes knowledge in different fields like, choice of Location, people management, current technology, investment sources, multi-tasking capability, marketing strategies etc. All of these needs to be listed down.

For e.g. If my goal is to start my own development company, I would need to know my sources of acquiring projects based on the development category I choose. This involves various marketing strategies to attract customers. Along with this, I would need to know how to setup a complete process starting from project planning, preparing a business case, strategizing, resource allocation, project approval’s until project delivery. These are some overlying basics and there would be many more things to add up. All these have to listed down. 

3. Resource Comparison:

After understanding the resources required to achieve your goal, you need to compare and write down the resources that your current organization and the new organization can help you achieve. Take time and understand as to which company offers more scope to learn most of them and also analyze how long it will take to learn the same.

For e.g. If you are planning to start a company to work on projects related to PHP development, you should try to understand which of the two companies will help you become a thorough professional in PHP development faster? If you are currently working as a PHP developer for the last 2 years in your current organisation with a salary of INR 25,000 and your new company is offering you INR 50,000 for the development work using ASP .NET instead of PHP, it will be like a start from scratch. Though they are offering you a better salary, this will not help you achieve your goal of starting a PHP development company. So, you should not opt for the new offer according to this category.

4. Expenses: 

Most of the times, the new opportunity might be at a new location and even though they pay you a very good salary, there are a lot of additional expenses which will crop up suddenly when compared to your current lifestyle and location. You will have to list down all types of expenses like Relocation, Accommodation, Food, Commute, Shopping, and other miscellaneous expenses. This will help you to compare the listed expesnes in the current role and additional unlisted expenses in the new role and thus you can arrive at a conclusion of total savings and expenses at both locations. 

5. Time Calculation:

Do a realistic time estimate pertaining to Travel from home to Office in the current office on a daily basis. Subsequently, do the same for the new office which can be at a new location within the same city or an altogether new city. Also consider, how you can accommodate your personal and family time, while you are working in the current location and also compare the same with the new location for the new job offer. ion.

After we wrote down the above points and completed the comparisons, it became easy for my friend to to understand the current situation and compare the same with the new-found opportunity and helped him to reach a strong and conclusive decision.

Similarly, there are various other situations of life where writing-out things can be helpful. Below are a few of them:

1. List down your personal or life problems: 

You need to list down all your problems that seem to be bothering you. Then, re-arrange them based on the level of impact and priority. Now, you can pick and work on solving the urgent and pressing ones first. Approach the right person who is trustworthy and can help you find solutions faster and effectively. Once you solve the first of its kind, it will slowly help you feel motivated to pick on the rest and solve it one by one. Thus eventually reducing the problems and making it less in your life.

2. List down your daily and weekly tasks:

This will help you not miss any important tasks for the day, week or month and with appropriate and adequate time management, you will be able to complete many of the planned tasks on time. This will also help you earn more time for your personal development and thus making you feel more motivated and disciplined. 

3. List down your shopping Items: 

This will help you make a note of all the important items to purchase which most of the time we forget when we go for a shopping without any planning. This will also help you manage your money by not splurging on unnecessary items thus making us realize the difference between a Want and a Need.

4. List down your daily expenses:

This will help you understand where the money is being spent and how to better manage one’s expenses. Also, if you can analyze the expenses over a couple of months, you will be able to cut down unnecessary expenses and invest that amount for a better use.

There can be many such situations in everybody's life where power of writing can do wonders. 

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Written by Sonu Singh Yadav
Edited by Soumyashree Bangera
Idea: Personal Experiences