Friday, March 13, 2020


“I AM AN INTROVERT FOR REAL” I wanted to start with this statement to not only make a statement about myself but also acknowledge this fact that “I AM, WHO I AM & I AM NOT ASHAMED TO BE SO” This blog is not just for Introverts but more importantly for extroverts to put this message across that there is nothing bad with being an introvert neither is it a taboo anymore.

If you try to search the meaning for an INTROVERT online, you will find the following meaning-“a shy, reticent person.”

This might have been true in the 19th Century, but definitely not true in this millennial generation. I am an introvert and I am definitely not shy. Further, I am not even reticent and many of us aren’t as we choose to keep our personal lives personal and not share it with everyone we meet or greet. Being an introvert is not only behaviour but also a choice made by one to ensure that he or she feels happy or pleasant with the environment or surroundings. Introverts also have good and close relationships with other people just that they may not choose to discuss their personal lives with everyone but only with those whom they feel comfortable with. I as an introvert have considered the following living my whole life especially in the last decade when the rise of social media has been an upward trend.

Meaningful Relationships: I have always had a handful of family / friends my entire life and I have always made sure not to have any best friends to ensure that my love and attention towards those whom I am close to is always 100% and not distributed. For me it has always been about how true and close I am to those who I love to be with. Also, it’s about how much the people close to me understand me and not take me for granted. I have maintained this inner circle all my life and it’s more about love and compassion and not about materialistic desires.

Superficial Relationships: These are relationships with which I spend less time with and are more often brief relationships with expectations. More like a give and take relationship. These relationships are those at work or in our society whom I am not answerable to when it comes to my personal life neither would I take any advice from them when it comes to making important decisions in life.

Relationship with Myself: This is my lone self. It’s proven by research that one in three individuals experience loneliness on a daily basis. When I feel lonely I spend some time with myself to understand what my needs are and what my wants are. If you are not peaceful within yourself, you won’t find peace or happiness among others either. It’s always important to find the real you and then spend your time with others.

A renowned psychiatrist once said “What appears to be random behavior is actually the result of differences in the way people prefer to use their mental capacities” and it’s true!! It’s equally important for people to communicate. Communication is the only method by which one human being can connect with another.

Warren Buffet has been an introvert all his life and once stated

“If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking a girl in the dark – nothing happens. You can have all the brain power in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it else it’s of no good. And that transmission is communication”

We live in a country that has diverse cultures and behaviors too. It’s impossible to relate to everyone and get along. That is one of the reasons today we face generation gap issues which is not really a generation gap concern but more of the 19th century people do not want to adjust with time and the 20th century people are way ahead of time. I will end this blog with one simple quote

“A good rule of thumb is that any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are is in the wrong environment” -Laurie Helgoe