Friday, April 24, 2020

The Importance Of Routine

The Importance Of Routine
The Importance Of Routine
 In our daily life, we always subject ourselves to a routine without knowing about it. Whether it’s waking up at a particular time, brushing your teeth, having an early breakfast etc these routines are stored somewhere in the form of memories in our subconscious minds that help us to carry out our daily tasks efficiently and effectively with very less effort. These are called habits.

There is an old saying that “You do something wrong once it’s a mistake, you do the same mistake the second time, it’s still a mistake, however if you do it the third time then it’s no more a mistake but it becomes a habit” since the action is stored somewhere in your mind and you are not aware of the significance it has on your body thus resulting in no change in your action every time you perform the same action.

Today, when we are all indoors due to the COVID-19, work from home concept has changed the perception of working from home forever. Now we are following a completely different routine as compared to the one we used to follow when we used to go to work to our offices. We not only have more time for ourselves but also have the flexibility to do additional things that we have always wanted to do all this while or mostly used to postpone these activities for weekends.

Let me give you my personal experience. I have a fixed routine when I go to work outdoors, however the moment I had to switch to work from home, changing my routine was difficult. It was confusing and equally stressful in the beginning, however after a week things became normal. Just like any other day, I woke up, freshened up, had my breakfast and sat in front of my laptop for work. I felt less confused, stressed, lethargic or unmotivated to work from home. Today, I am comfortable working from home for the rest of my life as it’s a perk all by itself.

A HABIT consists of 3 parts: CUE, ROUTINE & REWARD as mentioned in the book written by Charles Dunigg “THE POWER OF HABIT”. 

  •  CUE: CUE is the trigger to the habit. Example: Picking up your mug for coffee.
  • ROUTINE: ROUTINE is the complete process. Example: Making yourself a cup of coffee
  • REWARD: REWARD is the conclusion or the end result of the process. Example : You get to enjoy your cup of coffee

Habits tend to help us perform our routines with less effort and much more efficiently. On an average it takes anyone approximately 21 days to get into a habit and continue it as a routine for the rest of one’s lifetime. It perfects consistency. 

Routines can be changed overtime to ensure we are more productive in our tasks and they are beneficial to us in the future. Routines can also lead to boredom like we are currently facing caged up in our homes. Hence, it’s always important to have our routines tweaked up a little as and when possible to ensure we are always enthusiastic & on our toes. It will give you a sense of achievement & also a means of satisfaction. 

Have Fun. Stay Safe!!!

Writer and Editor - Jaison Noronha