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5 Benefits of Slow Living

5 Benefits of Slow Living
5 Benefits of Slow Living

Today we all are living in a fast paced life where living slow is not an option. We are always having the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on things that maybe important to us in our personal lives or in our professional lives. In such challenging times, slow living surely proves to be a boon in our lives whenever we wish to take a break, relax from the usual routine and social pressures and find time for oneself just to sit back, relax and unwind as the sun rises and sets towards the end of the day.

In my kindergarten times, I must have listened to the story of the “HARE AND THE TORTISE” a hundred times; however the story does not hold any ground today. It’s no more about SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. The faster you understand, the faster you cope up with things and the faster you adapt to the changes in your surrounding environment, the more is the possibility for you to survive in this so called SOCIETY. However, in this rat race of racing against time and for money, we somehow lose ourselves behind in some way or the other and when we look back; the only feeling that is left is REGRET.

Slow Living is a concept of taking a break from the fast paced life and treating yourself to the moments of life that actually give you the pleasure to be in your own time capsule. It need not be a forever thing. If it is, there is nothing better than that; however it’s not practically possible unless you are on your way to retirement. 

Here are a few things that I have come across over a period of time that may help you to understand your version of Slow Living:

Calm over Chaos: You must have heard this many a times, that huge organization CEO’s normally tend to start their day early in the morning as compared to the others. This gives them the time to completely indulge in ideas when there is less distraction around them. A home with many family members or an office place can be quite chaotic at times. From office we do get a day or two offs during the week, however in case we are not able to find that calm at home, it’s good to take a walk in nature or sit in a coffee shop and lose yourself to the thoughts and ideas within you. Some of the best ideas come from the quietest minds ever.

Serenity over Stress: The word Stress has been repeatedly being brought up everywhere today because man has chosen to put more food in his mouth than he can chew. Stress is nothing but an inner feeling or emotion of discomfort when you are doing a task that you are not physically or mentally capable of doing. What this does to your mind is that it OVERCLOCKS your brain thus resulting in fatigue and many a times dissatisfaction towards the task you do on a daily basis. Choosing such tasks over and over again is nothing but committing suicide multiple times and bringing yourself back to life just to die once more within yourself. This can be termed as BURNOUTS. Choosing what you can do is completely your decision. You will either do it joyfully or else you may do it miserably and no one wishes to be miserable in life doing what they really life to do.

Peace over Perfection: Perfection is the most overrated terms in today’s corporate life. We all are humans. We all have different abilities and resources to do a particular task. Nothing more and nothing less. No matter how much you try, you cannot be perfect. Reality will always find a way to get back at you. You may get lucky one or twice here and there but someday there will be a price to pay struggling for that perfection that does not exist. A peaceful mind can rather do wonderful things in life. Not just for yourself but also for the good of others. No good has come from perfection yet, but peace can definitely bring you closer to the good part in your life.

Grace over Grit: Grit definitely shows us the strength and the commitment to get a particular task done effectively. It also shows the strength in the person’s character doing that task. However, grace comes in with a rather soothing experience. Everyone has the grit to get things done in life, but very few have the grace. Grace is not something that comes as a package from your forefathers. You earn it. You work for it by being humble and sensible to others. It will help you go miles ahead in life with the help and support of others in your life as well. Hence it’s mostly said Gracefulness is close to Godliness.

Faith over Fear: Faith is the only power in this world and in our mind that have led this human community to evolve & expand this far and that will continue to harness this human race to a better tomorrow. We all have faith in something or in someone in our lives. It would be very difficult to live in this world without faith. Without faith, there is no hope and without hope there is no possibility. We either have faith in our gods or we have faith in our family. Whatever it must be, faith always triumphs over hopelessness. Always have faith in yourself that you can do it. There is no one in the world who has achieved great heights without faith.

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I really hope this topic helps you to understand the real meaning of living your life with more meaning and content. Thank you for taking out the time to read this post and have a lively day ahead.

Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube
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Break is really important from this fast paced life (rat race)