Friday, May 1, 2020

50 Tiny Ways To Simplify Your Daily Life

50 Tiny Ways To Simplify Your Daily Life
50 Tiny Ways To Simplify Your Daily Life

Each one of us feel there is so much to do in life but the only time we have in our hands are those 24 hours that get credited to our lives just like a bank account. How we spend this time and what we do during this time helps us to lead a better life in future.

Now that all of us are working from home and rarely going outdoors, I thought of jotting down a few ways that I have gathered all my life that has helped me to be the person I am. The ways I am noting today may not be in a systematic manner as I want it to be as raw as possible and leave it up to the audience that is YOU to read and choose what’s best for each one of you.

1. Take Breaks during the day whether at work or at home
2.  Lay out your clothing for the next day before going to bed
3.  Reduce screen time
4.  Carry less stuff on your way out whether for work or pleasure
5.  Hide your electronics & accessories as much as possible
6.  Create Outfit Combinations to help you spend less time to think about what to wear
7.  Spend 5 minutes a day deleting unnecessary images on your phone
8.  Single Focus. Avoid Multitasking to improve productivity and avoid being worn out
9.   Breathe often to reset your head space
10. Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists
11. Batch your work for better organization and productivity at home or at work
12. Go for a walk. It helps you release your stress and rejuvenate yourself
13. Close browser tabs not required at the moment. Instead use bookmarks
14. Keep a healthy snack handy if you love snacking while working from home
15. Be kind to yourself and to others as it promotes positivity in you
16. Turn Off Notifications. Fewer Distractions = Greater Gifts
17.  Make a TO DO list before going to bed
18.  Spend less time shopping online. Ask yourself will I use it? Will I love it?
19.  Set boundaries. Learn to say NO to things that are not meant for you
20.  Eat slowly to practice eating mindfully as it will improve your health
21.  Pick easy to care plants Example: Snake Plant or Money Plants
22.  Airplane Mode. This is my recent favorite since we are all working from home
23.  Clean Your Desk
24.  Declutter duplicates from your home . Example: Spoons, Plates, Coffee Mugs etc
       You can donate them or if you wish to keep them, store them in another area to avoid clutter
25.  Put ingredients away as you cook your meals
26.  Check for old containers with leftover food and wash them often
27.  Use a bowl for scraps while cooking
28.  Have easily accessible health food on your kitchen countertop
29.  Prep fruits and vegetables before freezing / storing it in the fridge
30.  Meal Plan.
31.  Use a grocery list
32.  Have easy snack combinations for work or home
33.  Have an on-going shopping list for things you buy frequently
34.  Ensure most use items are accessible in your kitchen
35.  Keep dirty clothes to dry before you put them to wash to avoid bad odour
36.  Have a designated spot for wallet, keys, mobile, handkerchief, cash, coins etc
37.  Practice One In – One out policy. 
       If you buy something new, get rid of the old one of similar item
38.  Declutter small areas that are used frequently like bedside tables, coffee tables etc
39.  Buy in Bulk (Only if you have the space & money to save money on the longer run)
40.  Do certain tasks on your laptop to avoid missing out on important things and 
       doing those tasks efficiently
41.  Streamline To Do lists in a way that suits your routine the best
42.  File / Flag emails for better email organization and avoid stress
43.  Have the right amount of clothes required. Excess is not required
44.  Keep a list of usernames, passwords, phone numbers handy in a notebook
45.  Use reminders for important tasks
46.  Use envelopes or small files for receipts and other acknowledgements
47.  Charge your phone at night
48.  Pause for a while before making an important decision in life
49.  Do your best to go to bed at the same time everyday
50.  Listen to music

Now I am sure many of you guys may be already following a few of these habits and I believe that many of you will include many more in your life in future too. If you guys follow any other habits apart from those mentioned above do let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

Good Day to you. Stay Safe!!!

Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha