Friday, May 8, 2020

Stop Wasting Your Time

What if I had told you I will be crediting Rs86,400 to your personal account every day and you can do whatever you want with that amount given the condition that at the end of the day that amount would go back to zero and a fresh amount of Rs86,400 would be added to your personal account the next day and so on and so forth. I am sure you would jump up high in your bed and buy whatever you can with that amount on that particular day and ensure not a single penny gets wasted. Isn’t it? Even if you not a person who spends money lavishly, you would surely find a way to do it after all the amount will no more be there in your bank account by the end of the day.

Similarly, we all are given equal amount of time everyday credited to our life account. 86400 seconds is what we get credited to our life account every day which does not get carry forward and we have the chance to make the best of it. Isn’t it? But the million dollar question is Do we really value the time that we have in hand? Visit any hospital or any old age home where people are battling with life threatening diseases and less time to live. You will realize how important time is for them and they would do anything to have it all back in their lives.

There is a saying in south India that when a person or a family member passes away, they say “HIS TIME HAS COME” which means he no more has that 86400 seconds in his life account anymore to live his life. Many people think other people die but today the COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize life is way too short to life and just one virus and a couple of hours of infection is enough to bring the entire life of the globe to a standstill for weeks and months together. Now would you still say you do not appreciate the time you have in hand?

Do not forget, we are here together today but tomorrow we all could be gone in just a second. We humans beings on earth are just like these popups on our personal computer, they popup and go. Just like us, we come and go. It’s a brief life after all. A few things that I would like to put into black and white from my perspective, how we can go about using the time in our hands and making the most of it without regret.

1. Don’t get angry about things you cannot do anything about: This is among the top of everyone’s list. We all want to be in control of our lives and when things start falling apart we try our best to fix it and in the bargain we get angry and frustrated and lose out on all our positive energy on something we cannot do anything about. Avoid doing such things so that you contain your power to do something that is in your control.

2. Stop Complaining. Instead be thankful: Complaining about things that are not working out in our lives have become a norm and now a part of everyone’s personality. But does it do us any good? When we are at work, we are complaining about workload, work stress our bosses and superiors and when we are at home, we are complaining about how monotonous our lives are and how good somebody else life is. Complaining is a sheer waste of time and in short useless. It has never brought out the good in anyone neither will it be able to bring out the best in you. So stop complaining and start doing the things that matter to you and make you happy. Do things that can not only make a difference in your life but also in the life of others which will overtime bring in the feeling of gratitude and content in your life.

3. Don’t try to buy time by sleeping less:
This is my favorite because I have been practicing this whole life and I stopped doing so in the last 6 months. I realized by doing so I was losing more time the next day since I was tired mentally & physically. I would make mistakes that maybe I wouldn’t make if I had slept well. Restfulness is very important in our lives and sleep is a part of it. It revitalizes our energy and brings more focus in what we do. It makes us sharper and better.

4. Stop hurrying: There must be time when you must have woken up late and then while you are hurrying to get to work or wherever you have to be you drop something, can’t find the things since you don’t realize where you have kept it & eventually it leads us to get mad at everyone just because we can’t find our stuff. Instead plan your day in advance to ensure you get enough rest and things are kept in its place to avoid chaos in your everyday mornings.

5. Stop craving about things you don’t have: Always remember that one person’s treasure is another person’s trash. While you are craving to have something that another person has, do not forget there is another person somewhere in this world craving to have something that you possess. It’s a never ending cycle. Craving for things we can’t have or won’t have causes emptiness in us and leads to futility. Instead enjoy the small things that you have in your life and learn to be content.

6. Stop living the past : There is no one in this world who has been able to go back in the past and change things or come back from the future to change his present. Stop worrying about things you cannot change or redo in your life. Instead learn from those experiences and let it go. Move on in life, there is so much more to do.

7. Take Time to deal with problems: We normally tend to ignore the smaller issues in life like our health, our studies, our career, our hobbies etc. We should proactively take time to deal with smaller issues and you won’t have the need to spend your time to deal with the bigger ones. Always learn to find the root cause of any problem to uproot it rather than just patch it up from the top as such problems will always grow to become big before you can even realize it.

8. Don’t let your life be hijacked: Locate and realize the things that may hijack your time and your happiness and learn to avoid such things. We are not here to build a legacy for ourselves. When we are gone whether people remember us or not won’t be of any important to us. Instead make a different in your life and in the lives of others so that you feel content while you exist here on this earth.

We all are given just one life on this planet. Neither can you learn everything there is to learn in this single lifespan nor can you explore everything in life. So do what matters to you.

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So, use your free time to do things that make you feel happy and look forward for a better tomorrow. If we are able to improve ourselves 10% everyday, tomorrow we will be better human beings.

Writer and Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences and YouTube

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