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The 3 E's Of Learning

The 3 E's Of Learning
The 3 E's Of Learning
LEARNING is one of the aspects of our life that keeps revolving around us in a round robin fashion. The moment you are done with learning one thing, there is something new to learn about in life. It can be anything related to work or personal life. It doesn’t matter. The learning curve keeps repeating itself in our lives over and over again. In fact, life without learning is nothing but boredom. It’s also true that not everyone is open to learning, however learning only makes you feel more confident and makes you feel better and better each day of your life. It’s more like a feeling of accomplishment in us.

• Learn by EXPLANATION: 

When we learn anything that is new to us, we need to understand the basis or the fundamentals of the topic in order to understand and explore the topic further. This is done only via EXPLANATION. Explanation can be done by anyone who has the complete or most of the knowledge on a particular topic. It can be a friend, our professor or even someone very senior to us for that matter. Explanation helps to break down the complexities of any topic from start to end into simpler concepts for you to understand the situation or topic better. All of us are expected to give an explanation in our daily lives. It’s not necessary that the topic should be only of educational value or some research. Small things like if you make a mistake also require an explanation. How you explain your situation to the person expecting the explanation from you puts you in a spot of whether your action was right or wrong. Explanation gives us an opportunity to gauge the situation and give the details or facts in a manner that is favorable to us or justifies our actions. Explanation is the best tool when you have done something wrong unintentionally. I am sure each one of us has been in that situation in some point of life wherein we are expected to give an explanation for our actions whether at home or at school or most importantly at work.

• Learn by EXPERIENCE:  

This is my favorite way to learn anything. Not only will you always remember the things that you have learnt via experience but you will also ensure it’s done the right way or in the most beneficial way for you. Experiencing anything in life puts us in a situation wherein we gauge the right and wrong of any action and accordingly learn from it. 

For example: Driving. You cannot learn this task by explanation. That would be just theory. You have to get into practicality. You have to experience the pros and cons of the task or action and accordingly decide whether it was a good experience or bad. This will help you decide whether you wish to continue doing the task or not. A good experience always puts you in a better position to do any task and a bad experience helps you to learn the things the hard way but also ensures you do not forget it in future. When we were kids there were always some decision for which we would approach our parents and not go others explanation. Here is where experience plays a very vital role. What our parents experienced on something you wish to go on a journey definitely helps you be ready for the cons of any task. Learning by experience not only improves your judgement but also helps you think with wisdom.

• Learn by EXAMPLE: 

Most of us have set goals in life. Some wish to be just their father. A few have their idols that could be super stars or famous athletes or well knows business men. Anything that you wish to do best in life has already been done by someone or the other and the example has been set. You would either look upto such people to be just like them or some may just lead by their own example outsmarting everyone in their league and being the best they can. A human being is a creature who will always try to expand its boundaries. No one is happy with just one small achievement. It’s human tendency to explore and aim for big. Today though we are staying on planet earth, there are a few people who aim to stay on the moon or mars. The boundary at which a human being operates is infinite. People in the past have set examples and if they help you to reach your goal there is nothing better than that. Reading about them, how they moved on with obstacles in their way and how they conquered their dreams is something you can always learn by example and put in into practice yourself in your own life and achieve success. Success Stories section in this Blog also is aimed at helping people learn from people who have already achieved their goals or are in the process of achieving it.

Learning is one task that can not only kill the monotony of life but also take life to its best. It can bring out the best in each one of us in our lives and give us that feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. After all everyone wants to feel content before they are gone from this world. Everyone wants to ensure that they did what you could their best and it only begins with LEARNING… 

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Do comment which part of learning helped you the most to achieve your dreams in life. Happy Learning :) :)

Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube
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