Friday, February 19, 2021

How Comfort Zone Is Ruining Our Life


 How Comfort Zone Is Ruining Our Life

Each one of us has our own comfort zone that helps us to feel comfortable and secure to quite an extent at our home, at that window seat in our office or that cafe next to a garden or a pool. We all have that definition of comfort zone that allows us to not just feel good about ourselves but also secure about our life.

Whenever there is a new change in our life, we look forward to getting comfortable with it and it does take time, however at times we get so comfortable that it ends up making us rather clumsy for that time or just ruining our lives over a longer period of time. As much as it is important to have a comfort zone, it is also vital we thrive to be the best version of who we are as a person. I myself have fallen prey to this so-called comfort zone too often and I believe below are a few points on how it affects us along the way.

Mundane Routine: There is a saying that "Amazing things lie on the other side of fear" How many of us have got tired of the early morning routine before going to work, followed by the working hours which is later followed by a night time routine? I am sure many hands will go up at this moment. Routine becomes mundane when we have got used to it so much that it has led to boredom and there is nothing exciting about it. In such situations we can change our routine a bit to bring back the excitement and still enjoy it.

Suffocates Creativity: A single dish can be prepared by 100 chefs in 1000 different ways. Elevating any activity from its current level to a new level that triggers excitement and that adrenaline rush in you adds to happiness and a sense of accomplishment. If you are used to having the same food every day, would you look forward to your breakfast, lunch or dinner the next day? Of course not. You will definitely get bored of it. Spicing things up a bit by experimenting in life improves creativity and breaks that barrier of comfort zone.

Missed Passions: There is nothing better than your passion bringing in your bread and butter for the day. However, if we are too comfortable doing a particular job even though we do it our best we are definitely not thinking out of the box. This can lead to losing out on opportunities that could fuel your passion in disguise. Remember that we just live once and if we wish to make the best of it, come out of your comfort zone and explore your inner passions. It will definitely add a new flavour to your life.

Limited Point Of View: Imagine watching the same movies, reading the same books, browsing through the same shopping website etc. This can hinder the level of exploration in your life. Experiencing something new altogether can not only give you a new perspective but also change your viewpoint thus exposing you to better options and better results.

Boundaries With People: Our current generation has been the most comfortable generation in the history of mankind. Never has the human race witnessed technology to this extent ever in the past. As much as we are connected with each other today, we have become a bit too comfortable with the whole idea. Family gatherings, friendly visits, community service etc is no more like it used to be before. We keep in touch with people as per our choice, we reply to others when we feel we should, we show up to functions as per our own convenience etc This has not only created a wall between us and the people around us but also made these virtual boundaries that may be hard to get through if the concern is not addressed as soon as possible.

Lose touch with ourselves: We all have our inner strengths and weaknesses, however realizing our weaknesses and converting them into our strength is something very few are conscious about. When we get too comfortable with our lives, we forget to pay attention to our body and mind. Just like we keep in touch with our family and friends, it is also important to keep in touch with our inner self as well. It will not only help you connect with yourself but also keep you sane from all the insanity that surrounds us all day long.

Brains & Body Don't Function at their best: God has gifted the human kind with the same parts of the body as any other human on this planet. How you use it optimally is totally up to you. When we get comfortable our brains and body are at rest with minimal activity. This also means that we are not using our brains and body to the maximum limit which hinders the functions that they are designed to perform. As much as it is important to give our brains and body some level of rest it is also important to use it consistently just like any other tool or else it may just get too rusty.

Discontentment and Depression: How many of us have come across the feeling of not being content? How many of us have battled with depression in our lives? I am sure there have been many out there and there are still many of us out there who need help as well. Getting too relaxed and comfortable at an early age can kill the hunger and the drive to achieve more inside us. We need to understand that one thing leads to another. We must ask ourselves are we ready to live our lives with regret? Of course not. So, wakeup and keep trying to achieve the best you can do and leave the rest.

The first step is always difficult, however once taken the rest of the journey gets easier. The same concept applies to our comfort zone as well. Coming out of our comfort zone can be difficult in the beginning, challenging in the middle however at the end it brings out the new you that you can once again be proud of. There is nothing but to gain when we come out of our comfort zone. The question is are you ready to make that attempt?

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube