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The Mirth Diet


The Mirth Diet

It is scientifically proven that laughter improves our health and if it improves our health, our moods will be better. It has also been said that “Laughter is a good medicine” but it may also be a good exercise for us. In a series of studies, researchers at Loma Linda University in California found that repeated bouts of “mirthful laughter” offer some of the same benefits as moderate exercises. Laughter not only improves our health but also lightens our mind and helps us get a new perspective of life in terms of enjoying life as well. This is "The Mirth Diet" to have a happy and a wonderful life ahead.

A quote from the Holy Bible “A Happy heart is a good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22) 

There is no one in this world who wishes to frown all his/her life. Happiness is the only destination people hope for after freedom. Did you know that it takes a lot more muscles to frown than it does to smile? One website said it takes four muscles to smile and sixty-four to frown. If this is true, I am sure that we all will prefer to save muscle energy and start smiling more. When we laugh it stimulates the parts of the brain that use chemical dopamine. Researchers at the University of Maryland learned that when we laugh, the inner lining of our blood vessels expands and good chemicals are produced that reduce clotting and inflammation. When the blood vessel linings contract, stress hormones are released. 

People who are happier in their daily lives have healthier levels of key chemicals than those who are unhappy. A study in England showed that the happier the people are, the lower will be the level of cortisol, which is linked to diabetes and heart diseases. A Carnegie Mellon University study confirmed that people who are happy, lively, calm, or exhibit other positive emotions are less likely to become ill when they are exposed to a cold virus than those who report few of these emotions. This research states that laughter increases good health and I believe that both of those things help us be more stable emotionally. So why not laugh, laugh and laugh some more? 

A close uncle of mine has enjoyed extremely good health in 70 years of life and exercised for more than 40 years and has a knack for enjoying everything. Some of us can find humour in at least 20 things each day. These are simple things that a more intense person would not have found funny at all. Try it! You can even turn it into a game to see how many times you end up laughing on any given day. I am sure it will help you relieve all that stress and tension and help your overall health and emotions. Are you an intense person who stresses over everything that does not go the way you would like to see it? Would it matter to you if today is your last day on earth? If I had just one day left in my life, I would certainly want to enjoy it.

More than likely some of them may be of the opinion that I just don’t have anything to laugh aboutMy life is a mess and I have problems everywhere I look etc. That may be true, but I believe we can find some humour in almost everything if we are determined to do so. That does not mean you laugh or make fun of anything and everything. It is obvious if you are at somebody’s funeral you won’t find any humour out there. Even if you do, you may not want to showcase it at that moment and save it for a later date. There is a place and a time for humour and laughter. In fact, the truth is laughter won’t exist unless humour is expressed at the right time. Timing is everything.

Joy, temperance and repose slam the door on the doctor’s nose …

“Henry Wadsworth Longfellow”

I just have one question for you: “Don’t you wish to be happy?” If yes, won’t you consider following “The Mirth Diet”? Following this just for a few moments during the day can make you feel better and make your day happier. People do so much in their lives just to be happy, however they fail to understand the most basic fundamentals to remain happy. If these principles are well followed, happiness will follow as well.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube