Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Phone Call That Takes You Back In Time

Most of us live a very systematic life. We get up in the morning to go to work. At work we have a lot to do and we undergo stress and  pressure. Later in the evening we come back home to get some rest. Once or twice a week when we have a weekly off, we tend to spend our time at home relaxing. After working for a couple of years, we recollect the memories of school and college days because the life was beautiful for most of us back then. When we meet our school or college friends with whom we had spent a lot of time, the conversation creates magic. It makes us feel more relaxed and we forget all the worries at least for sometime. 

I had a couple of friends from school who were with me even during my 11th and 12th grades. Some of these were not close while we were at school but the bond we created in college was great! Post our college sessions or sometimes bunking our classes we used to go to a small ice cream parlour nearby to spend a few hours eating ice cream and some snacks. We sat there laughing and enjoying each other’s company. We used to talk about silly things but those silly things had created great memories. Even now after 10 years when we meet, we still talk about those days and still laugh at the same silly jokes. They are like energy boosters. 

I understand that most of our close friends are far from us or may be too busy. They might have been very close during school or college but not now. There are times when we feel like talking to those friends but either we are actually busy or we pretend to be busy or we hesitate to call them after a long gap and end up not calling at all and this continues.

If you really want to speak to all your old friends or special people, you may try this out:

1. Make a list of all the people from school and college whom you wish to speak to.

2. Add their contact number next to their names

3. If you do not know their contact details, try to reach out to them via social media and you guys can exchange numbers.

4. Once a week or once in 15 days, try to call one person from the list. 

5. Continue this life long.

The above steps help you cherish some old memories and additionally can be a source of help when needed. Maybe you can help them with something  or they can be a source of help to you someday. Try this out and see the magic. 

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