Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Day Without Phone and Internet

We are so busy with our mobile phones and internet, that we hardly spend time with ourselves or with our family and friends. Gone are those days where we used to have "Doordarshan" as our only channel on our television to entertain us and unite all the family members to watch a movie every Sunday. Nowadays, we are bombarded with multiple options of entertainment on our television and addition to this, apps on mobile phones like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime etc. are keeping most of us disconnected from our family and friends. Our busy schedule at work adds more pressure making it even worse for us. We never think of coming out of this trap of routine to take a breather. Do you remember those school and college days where you used to have fun with your friends? How about we live a similar life again at least once a month? If you're wondering how, here is what I have to say.

Imagine you spend one day without your phone and internet. You will not be able to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix etc. Few may say it's very difficult to stay without a phone and internet in today's time but few can do that for a day at least. Figure out a day in a month when you can do it and you will know how relaxing it would make you feel. Before you implement the plan, understand what are the things that you can do if you stop using your phone and internet for a day:

1. You can spend time with your family.
2. You can go out with friends or play some games.
3. You can read books.
4. You can give time for your hobbies (Sketching, Painting, Singing, Dancing, etc) 
5. Go for a walk.
6. Review your expenses for the month  and optimize them.
7. Get involved in cleaning your room and help mom.
8. Help your dad with his work   

And the list can go on. The above listed points are very important and are usually the things for which we are unable to make time. But, if we understand the benefits of the above activities,  then we will be able to  make it a priority and find a way to do it. Everyone has their own set of challenges in life but I'm sure we can figure that one day in the month. 

If you have any such ideas which can help people in some way or the other, please get in touch with me by filling the form on the right and I will get back to you.