Monday, October 14, 2019

Gratefulness... Is The Next Happiness

As I typed into the title of this post a question popped up in my mind Am I grateful for everything that I have today? Many of us ask ourselves numerous questions every day.

Am I going to reach work on time?

Am I going to get that promotion anytime soon?

Am I going to be successful in life?

Am I going to get the right partner in life? and so on and so forth.

However, no one asks themselves Am I grateful for today, for this life? Well, believe it or not this is the only question that will determine the quality of your life in the longer run & this is the only question whose answer you will ever have right now.

I saw this school girl the other day on my way to work. Sitting in the bus in the seat ahead of me. I could not see her face as I was sitting right behind her. The only thing I noticed is her hands moving to and fro in every direction with earphones in her ears & I could only hear her laughing and totally immersed in herself with joy. Many of those who were seated in the front rows of the bus kept gazing at her like she was some crazy person but she was so involved in herself she couldn't care less. Well, as usual curiosity got to me and I tilted my head to the left. What I noticed at that moment made me ask myself that question Am I grateful for today, for this life? I realized the girl was unable to hear or speak & hence was on a video call with another person with the same disability who was talking to her in actions. I realized that if she can experience that level of gratitude, that level of happiness in her life then why cant I.  I am blessed to not have any disability then why are our thoughts so disabled and so lost in worldly ideas that we forget to live in the present like the girl in the bus and get lost in our own lives.

 Being grateful is strongly and consistently associated with not just happiness but greater happiness. This is all that a human being requires leading a good and meaningful life. A quick question: Why are we called Human Beings? Why not an Ant, or a tiger or any other animal. Its because we are meant TO-BE the way we are supposed TO-BE. The only reason a human being is the only sophisticated animal on the planet is because it has the sense of consciousness and understands boundaries. Gratefulness bring out that special quality in us and once you have the feeling of being content, happiness is a natural process because you wont long for anything more that you don't need in life. Try it out.

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Heart said...

Thanks for your post, I'm looking for happiness here as well