Monday, October 21, 2019

Fear Is Growth

Fear is nothing but an emotional feeling within ourselves that stop us from moving ahead in life. On an average an individual faces fear multiple times a day. Be it while crossing the busy street, during your exams, when you are given a new task that you have never done before, while giving a speech on a stage, in short when you are about to do something new in life that is challenging, fear is the emotion one faces at first.

Fear is nothing but a feeling that has always been lying to us all this while. Fear thrives on doubt. The more you doubt yourself, the more you will fear from doing something that you have never done before. Fear often leads to failure as well. Fear is the one reason many of us take a step behind instead of leaping forward. Let me ask you a simple question... What is going to happen if you fail? Haven’t all of us failed at some point in time in our lives? What are you going to lose that you haven’t got if you fail? NOTHING!!! So why do we stop ourselves from doing the one thing that we want to do.

Let me name a few of these fears:
  •   The Fear of Rejection
  •   The Fear of Failure
  •   The Fear of Loneliness
  •   The Fear of Being Judged
  •   The Fear of Getting Hurt
  •   The Fear of Being Shamed
  •  The Fear of Being Facing Loss and so on.The list is never-ending.
A skydiver can explain fear in the best possible way. Every time a skydiver opens the door of the plane and sets foot his steps to the edge of the plane, its fear that grips him with both hands. At that moment, he has just 2 choices either fall back or move forward and fly in the sky. If he falls back its all for nothing, however the moment he jumps from the plane, the first 10 seconds he is gripped tightly with fear but after that he can see the world from a bird’s eye view and that view is amazing. Now that is a feeling of success.

What Fear does to us is nothing but creates a sense of doubt in our minds and this cripples us from head to toe leading us to never try it at all. If some of the most famous people in this world would fear the dreams they had, today the world would not be filled with comfort and technology. What if Thomas Edison feared inventing the bulb? We would not have light. Every great success started with fear, but it became a success only because the people used fear as fuel to achieve their success. They faced all odds and obstacles to gain success. Success may be small or big, it doesn’t matter because it’s only you who can either feed the fear in you and reject growth or move forward and succeed. Make your choice.

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