Monday, November 4, 2019

Declutter Your Mind

Our minds are an ocean of thoughts and ideas that are being processed by us on a daily basis. Did you know that your mind can process at least a million things in just under a minute? That’s how vast and powerful our mind is. Maybe even more powerful and resourceful than a supercomputer. This also means that our mind can be a dumping ground for a million things that are being occupied by our mind for no reason. We think a lot about others and spend a lot of time analyzing what others think about us. These thoughts are nothing but what I would like to say “GARBAGE THOUGHTS” that occupy our minds and don’t let us do the things we really need to do.

We need to understand that a human being is the most sophisticated machine on the planet. However we have not yet started reading the user’s manual. Say for e.g. you buy a new phone and you don’t know a thing about it, wouldn’t you consider reading the user’s manual on day one instead of the last day when the phone is about to break down. Similarly, it’s also important that we learn to use our body and mind to the fullest capacity to make sure we make optimum use of it during our lifetime.

It’s said that our brain uses 80% of our life energy on any given day. Our brain which is one of the smallest parts of our body uses most of the energy we have. Doesn’t it mean that we should make sure that our mind is clutter free so that we are at our best at any given point in time? Our mind has 2 types of memory: Temporary Memory & Permanent Memory. Anything that you learn on any given day is absorbed by your mind to the fullest, however only 10% of it is carried forward on the next day unless you make it a practice to analyze the information on a daily basis.  That’s where my favorite activity of JOURNALING comes into play. You must have come across a time when you had an amazing idea in your mind, however didn’t make a note of it and the next day it slipped off your mind and it’s nowhere to be remembered. Journaling is one activity that not only helps us to go out on our emotions on a piece of paper but also help us in making our mind memory permanent.

It doesn’t matter what you write and how you write it. What’s important is that you write your thoughts and ideas so that you are able to take off that extra baggage from your mind and jot it down someplace else. This will not only help you to declutter your mind but also keep your mind stable and healthy. A healthy mind results in a healthy body which in turn results in a healthy lifestyle. So always consider your ME time and keep your mind free and healthy.

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