Monday, November 4, 2019

Escape The Rat Race

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Today it’s become a common belief that if we are not busy, we are not doing good in our lives. Everyone is talking about life being hectic, having no time, stress and so on and so forth. These maybe some exotic words we use to make ourselves believe that we are on the right path but trust me, we are actually on the path of self-destruction.

I recently watched a documentary where they spoke about nations that have the maximum life expectancy and happiness. Guess what?? Not even a single individual among them even considered being a part of the Rat Race. Today, though we are a part of a generation that has the best technology, we are unhappy generation of all times. The only reason being, everyone is trying to be better than someone else. We term it as Competition. It’s good to have a competition but it should not last a lifetime. It should be brief so that it brings out the best in us. But, today it’s more about being better than the people around us and this is in no way healthy to the human race.

If you think that life is a race and everything in it is a competition, then don’t you think that you must come first in the race of life? Coming first in the race of life is nothing but reaching your grave before everyone else, because death is the end of life. But, when no wants to die first,  why consider being first every time?? A recent study shows that the total number of suicidal deaths in the age group of 12 to 20 years crossed approximately 18000 in 2018 itself out of which 80-85% were due to failure during exams. Today, even youth are facing the same fate in terms of competition at work and other aspects of life. The question you need to ask yourself here is that “Is your life so worthless that you are ready to take it away just for failing in some examination?” 

We need to understand that some of the biggest businessmen and entrepreneurs who were known to all of us, did their thing at their own time and became the best. They don’t exist anymore. Someday you will also belong to this earth. Then, what is the race all about? It’s your life, take charge of it and move at your pace. Your time will come and if it doesn’t it’s okay. Stop comparing your life with others. If at any point of time God would grant you a choice between being ‘Joyful’ or ‘Miserable’, what would you choose? Obviously most of them will opt for the first option. What you want for your neighbour may be debatable but you are damn sure that you want to be Joyful. Life is not a rat race, it’s the most wonderful experience of all times. Make it count.

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Unknown said...

Nice Article.Great work..much needed for the generation.

Unknown said...

Nice Article.Great work..much needed for the generation.

EkNewLife said...

Thank you 😊