Friday, November 22, 2019

Being Materialistic - Less Is More

When we look back at the lives our parents lived, it used to be more social and full of energy as compared to the lives we live today. They were less materialistic and more involved in emotional well being than gathering materialistic happiness. Today, our lifestyle is all about owning the best house, the best gadgets, the best car, the best equipment's and best electronics at home and so on. This has lead to a more sedentary lifestyle which is also leading to more health issues in people all over the world today.

Why is it that we look forward to visiting villages and more scenic places for vacations? 

Why is it that we look forward to visiting less populated and more relaxing places for a break through?

Why is it that we look forward to live our lives in countries that are farther away from us and doing much better in terms of economy and lifestyle? 

The answer is simple: The less we see around us, the more we feel joyful and blissful.

A lot of people in densely populated cities abroad with real estate prices sky rocketing are moving to small homes, towards a less materialistic lifestyle or should I say a more MINIMALISTIC approach towards life.
Just imagine:

The lesser the floor space, the less you have to clean and more is the time saved.

The lesser the furniture, the less you have to maintain and more is the energy saved.

The lesser the amenities, the less you have to spend and more is the money saved.

The lesser the clothes, the less you have to spend time on making a choice on what to wear.

Today, more than 50% of our possessions are about maintaining standards in the society and more importantly to show off our neighbors what kind of lifestyle we are capable of. The amount of time and money spent on these are absolutely worthless because we are doing this just to please ourselves and to show off to those people who care less about us. After all at the end of the day if they really cared, they wouldn’t expect you to have these materialistic things in your life.

We as people need to grow maturely and make a conscious effort to have less in our lives to make sure we make time and money for those things in life that really matter to us and no one else. The less is the possibility to escape from each other especially during fights and arguments. Our lives are way too important for us to spend our time and energy on things that won’t matter in a few years or are replaceable in future.

Life has a lot to teach us, and it’s only these experiences that will take us miles further than where we are at. It’s not about the speed, but the distance you travel. To make that long distance you need that time and energy that you will get when you own less and live more. Hence, less is more.

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