Friday, November 29, 2019

The 5-3-1 Rule

Today the most common saying in the economic world is “TIME IS MONEY” and believe it or not everyone respects time today is only because of this. But there is more to TIME than just MONEY. TIME is also LIFE.  Few of my friends refer to ones death as “HIS TIME GOT OVER”. So TIME is not just MONEY, its LIFE in totality.

We consider ourselves as the busiest generation on this planet and it’s become the new norm. If you are not busy it’s considered as you have no ambitions and no goals in life. Now that we consider ourselves so busy, obviously finding time to do anything is a challenge all by itself. Being busy isn’t bad but it’s also important how we organize this busy life of ours and this brings me to the 5-3-1 RULE.

How many times have you tried to do a particular task whether in your personal or professional life and then postponed it for another day. I am sure there are more than you can even remember today. Essentially there are two types of tasks that we normally have in hand on a given day.

1.The task that you are excited about and you want to do it.
2.The task that you are not excited about, yet you have to do it.

The latter type always finds a backseat in your life and it either gets delayed every time you think about getting the task done or its forgotten in your to do list. Here are a few rules that will not only help you organize your tasks but also help you get rid of the task that you are least interested in.

5: The first rule: This is the count of the tasks that have the least priority on a given day. These tasks won’t take much of your time and can be done anytime during the day. It could be tasks such as doing household chores, paying utility bills, buying groceries etc

3: The second rule: This is the count of the tasks that are important but not your utmost priority. These tasks need to have a deadline and you need to consider doing them as soon as possible. It could be working on some project, attending an event etc

1: The third rule: This is rather the most important rule which is the task you need to get on it right now. It’s the most important task which can neither be postponed nor be delayed any further. Doing so would rather have negative consequences.

When you make a list of tasks it’s important that you are able to complete them so that they don’t wander in your subconscious mind and continuously stress you out. These above rules will not only help you organize your day but following these rules consistently can help you save a lot of time, avoid taking you through anxiety and reduce the unnecessary stress in life. 

There are just two rules that you need to follow in life :
  • “If you do not wish to do something, don’t bother doing it as it will only affect you more than help you grow”
  • "If you wish to do something do it joyfully with your heart and mind and you will find success & a sense of accomplishment in what you do”
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