Friday, December 6, 2019

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Almost all of us have watched the so called WILL SMITH movie titled “The Pursuit Of Happiness” at some point in time and felt so good and content about the climax. Well that emotion that you felt at the end of the movie is HAPPINESS. What we are going to discuss in this post is actually the difference between pursuing happiness and actually being happy at the end of the day or in our daily life.

What if you are trying to be happy all the time but every time you do something or every time you experience something, it just blows off in your face and you don’t feel happy at all. In this pursuit of happiness, the more we think about the things we don’t have, the more we remind ourselves that we don’t have them. The more we chase happiness, the more we make ourselves realize that we aren’t happy. We are stuck in what I would like to call THE HAPPINESS PARADOX.

We have already considered happiness to be a destination which we will arrive at once we have everything that we think that can make us happy. It’s similar to feeling that sense of accomplishment when you are done with your tasks and now you have checked off all the boxes of your TODO list. So we are always in pursuit, we are always in the hunt of the things we think we need like job promotions, a house, black Friday deals etc. Most of our time is spent in not having something rather than experiencing the happiness in what we have. Our energies are spent in looking for happiness behind our phones screens and other stuff, going from one desire to the next.

Happiness is something that happens within us, it cannot be pursued. I want you to know that each and every one of us has the ability to experience happiness. Not necessarily in the same manner but we can experience it in our own special way. So the question here is that how do we overcome this mindset of being happy and actually be happy in the first place. The two basic rules for happiness are practicing GRATITUDE & ACCEPTANCE.

Gratitude is what happens when you slow down enough to thank yourself for what you have. Happiness isn’t about thinking about what you want all the time; it’s about being happy for what you have. When you take a few minutes in your day to make a note of things you have, you no longer want to have the things that make you happy. You are feeling the happiness right there in the moment.

Acceptance is another way to accept the things in our lives that are not going as planned especially those moments when we feel most vulnerable due to failures or setbacks in life. We need to accept the fact that everything in our lives happen for a reason and that reason is solely happiness at some point in time in future.

Many a times we blame others for us not being happy. We need to understand that even though external situations do contribute to our happiness in some way, it’s more often how you react to these external situations. I just want to say that you don’t need to have anything more than the most basic necessities to be happy. Food, Clothing and Shelter. That’s about it. Anything more is welcome and anything less can be dealt with. The only thing important here are YOU.

Do like and share this post with your friends and relatives if you liked the article. I really hope this topic helps you to understand the difference between being happy and the pursuits of happiness. Thank you for taking out the time to read this post and have a HAPPY day ahead.