Friday, December 13, 2019


As scary as it may sound, today’s topic is an eye opener to every individual living out there in this world. It doesn’t matter where you stay, what you do or where you are going. Each and everyone one of us out there is living THE BURIED LIFE.

There is a saying that “If you wish to visit a place full of ideas, full of thoughts, full of dreams or full of memories, you must visit the cemetery.” A cemetery is the only place where you will find people who have rested with a hundred ideas but they never acted upon them. A thousand thoughts about those no one ever expressed themselves. A million dreams that were never fulfilled and a billion memories that will never be forgotten. This brings me to my life only because there have been so many instances when I wanted to do something I love and that idea or thought or dream was buried alive in my mind. I am sure this has happened with you too. The only difference is that some are ready to accept it while others are not. Those ready to accept try to come out of their buried life at some point in time while other remain there till the end of their time.

Life is an opportunity. Just imagine what if someone had to close you in a casket while you are alive and bury you six feet under. What will happen? Can you imagine the level of suffocation? Do you think you can handle the pain? That’s exactly what we are living with each day of our lives just that we don’t realize it because it’s not affecting us physically but mentally and hence we are okay with it. We make peace with it telling ourselves that something better will come our way but the fact is that nothing good is going to come your way unless you are willing to get better than what you are today and you are ready to live your life like a free soul. We may like something that happens to us differently in our lives but it’s just going to be there temporarily not permanent.

Today we are all about the best job, the best salary package, the best car, the best house etc but have you even thought of your LIFE for a second and said BEST LIFE? I am sure that hasn’t happened yet as its not possible in our current state of mind. There are always up and downs and there always will be success and failures. Let me tell you a short incident: Once a young man who was successfully working as an investment banker in United States decided to attend a social gathering where they spoke more about life challenges and how to overcome failures. He was the only man who had everything in that room and was sitting with his head up high. When it was his turn to speak, he boasted about everything he achieved and how he does not need anything more in life. The host smiled at him and said “Do one thing brother, close both ends of your nose and try to live without breathing from your mouth” The man thought the host had gone crazy, yet took up the challenge and did so. In just about a few seconds, he felt so much uneasiness in his chest that he fell flat on the ground unconscious. The host sprinkled some water on his face and woke him up and helped him to sit back on the chair. The man was left stunned. The host said to him :

“No matter the riches or the success you have achieved in life, the only thing matters is what you need right now. Listen to your body for it will teach you everything you need to learn and you will bear great things from those learning’s. We all don’t need to live a buried life” 

In the above example the man’s riches or success did not help him to stay alive. When you are suffocating to live your life the only thing you need is something to look forward to & that thing can only be done by you.

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