Friday, December 27, 2019

The Organized Life

Today we as the millennial generation have always been on the radar for living one of the most impulsive lives of all times leading to an unorganized life. Whether it is work or personal life, it’s true that if we spend little time to organize our life we can add more meaning to our lives and over a period of time spend less time to look into important things in future.

This example just came to my mind right now. Living in Mumbai and travelling in crowded trains, there is always a possibility that your wallet is pick pocketed during the rush hours. If there was one pick-pocketer in the whole of the Mumbai city, obviously it would be difficult for him to go about doing what he wants to do. However, imagine all the pick-pocketers from the entire country come to Mumbai and start going about their business, obviously they will be more successful in carrying out their tasks. The only reason being now their activity is ORGANISED.

Every movement against anything, any revolution against anything and every protest again anything if organized can reap in good results. This is the magic ingredient of life if mastered can do wonders to your life as well as to the lives of others. Everything in our life requires organisation to avoid life being too chaotic and out of control. Whether it’s the kitchen in our homes or large scale industries, there are certain rules and regulations that help you as tools to make sure that things are organised. Just imagine the HR or the ACCOUNTING department in your company not being organised. Obviously, you would land up getting your pay check way later than usual which in turn would affect the normal functioning of your personal life. So everything small and big in our lives require organisation. It can be simple or complex. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take the initiative to organize your life and in due course of time it will just be a routine or habit to organize your life.

People appreciate those whose lives are organised and they are also willing to invest in them if needed as they know that these are the kind of people who not only appreciate their time but also others time. Some may confuse themselves and say “I always keep my house clean or I always follow my routine then why is it that my life is not organised??”. Just because your house is clean does not mean your house is organised. Organizing your house is just another add-on to keeping your house clean and it’s not the other way around. You may clean your house but if your laundry equipments are in your kitchen that doesn’t make your house an organized place to live it. It could create more chaos and difficulty in moving about the daily chores. 

So if I would like to define an organised life as :

“Anything and everything that is kept in order to make your life simple and save your time at the end of the day is called an organized life.”

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