Friday, January 31, 2020

10 Good Habits for Life

What is a HABIT? Habits are actions that we continue to do consciously as well as sub-consciously in our lives. We don’t need any reminder from anyone to follow the habits that we have been doing for the last couple of years or maybe since we were born. Whether its brushing your teeth or reading a book before you hit the bed some good habits remain with us for life while a few bad ones die hard.

Each and every habit that we include in our lives are important and there are a few habits that we may want to include but our daily life routines do not allow us to inculcate them due to lack of time.

Below are a few that will not only help you to improve your life but also your health:

Think of 3 things that you are grateful for daily
Learn something new every day
Turn off social media notifications
Create a hygiene ritual
Include veggies in your diet
Read ingredients on what you purchase from the market
Maximize water intake
Exercise 5 days a week
Build routines that can help you in personal development
Finish what you started

I have been following the above habits in my life for quite some time now. There are days when I cannot involve all of these habits in my personal life. However, I do so when I can. I make it a point to do it as often as possible. None of the above points are complicated or need some sort of rocket science intelligence to put it into practice. It is just a matter of WILL POWER and DETERMINATION. After all, where there is a WILL, anyone can make its WAY.

I hope this article helps you in improving your daily life. While not all the suggestions may work out for you or you may not want to inculcate all of them in your personal lives but even if a single habit can help you, it would mean the world to us.  Have a wonderful week ahead.