Friday, January 24, 2020

10 Things To Improve Your Productivity

Productivity is one thing that every person is striving hard towards today whether at work or at home. Without productivity there is no measure, without measure there is no result and without result there is no progress. Productivity plays a very vital role in our lives not just at work but also at home. Even housewives have to make sure they are productive enough at home to make sure the daily chores at home are taken care of and the home is well organised. 

A few things that might help us with or boost our productivity a bit more than what it currently is are mentioned below:

• SIMPLE GOALS : Now that we have entered the year 2020, we tend to get over ambitious about our goals and go overboard in making new year resolutions or goals that are quite complex to achieve. It’s always good to have goals and what’s better is to have goals that can be measured over a shorter span of time in a simple manner. You can have daily and weekly goals in mind instead of monthly and yearly goals. This will give you the flexibility to adjust to steps taken to achieve your goals and maybe change your goals in case you lose interest in them over a period of time or if you realize that this goal no more matters to you.

BLOCK TIME: Say for example you have an important task in hand that you need to complete by the end of the day and at the same time you have a 100 other things going on in your mind about the tasks that you need to complete by the end of the day as well. It’s always good to block sometime for the most important task of the day to ensure you are giving that task undivided attention and completing the task given in hand on time.

• PRIORITIZE TASKS: We may have a couple of things to do on any given day, however the best way to get productive is making sure you are done with all your tasks by the end of the day by making a priority list and marking those task completed by the end of the day. You will find a sense of achievement in doing so.

• LIMITING SOCIAL MEDIA: In earlier days when there was no social media, the first thing we used to do post waking up in the morning is greet the sun and embrace the new day. Today we wake up at the alarm tunes of our mobile phones and we are on our social media accounts the moment we are out of bed. If you have an important task in hand it’s always good to deal with that task first thing in the morning with a hot cup of coffee rather than waste time on social media and get drained before even starting your day.

STOP MULTITASKING: Multitasking has become a norm for all companies to expect it from their employees when there are researches in medical science that have pointed out that multitasking can not only drain your brain faster than single tasking but also result in less concentration on a particular activity done while multitasking. The human brain is not designed to multitask. We are human beings not robots. It’s also proven that the time taken on tasks done during multitasking at the same time is usually more than the time taken to get done the same tasks single tasking with more quality and less errors.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: As we all know any kind of physical activity gives us that adrenaline rush in our body which not only improves the blood circulation in the body but also refreshes the mind too. Every small physical activity matters, whether its climbing the staircase to your office or getting up yourself to get a bottle of water rather than having the butlers do it for you. It’s not necessary to go to the gym or get some heavy duty exercise done at home. Just an hour of physical activity will ensure you are at your best health.

LIMIT DISTRACTIONS: Distractions are nothing but an excuse not to work. If we want we can make sure we find a space where we are least distracted to ensure we are able to do our task 100%. A few people prefer waking up way earlier than others to have their personal time while some love to sit back until late to do their stuff. Either which ways whatever suits you, do what’s required to get the job done.

TRACK SLEEP: There have been many myths about sleep. Doctors advise that 8 hours of sleep is necessary for the human body. Well that also means that we will be sleeping one third of the time in our entire lifetime. There is no doubt that sleep is important for us to work effectively the next day, however if you make sure you get undisturbed sound sleep for 6 hours its more than enough to energize you for the entire day.

SAY NO: Most of us don’t realize while mentioning the word NO, how much of space and possibilities we make for ourselves to do something that we really want to do in our life. While saying YES to everyone and everything will make you feel that you are pleasing everyone around you, at times it may also make you feel that you are being taken for granted. Saying NO is not a taboo or a bad thing. It’s just an opportunity to say YES to something that you are really interested in.

CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: At times toxic environments are the cause of burnouts and failures in our lives. As much as we want to move away from such environments, there is always something that keeps us glued to such places leading to a disastrous life in future. Right from financial dependencies to parental responsibilities. There can be many reasons due to which you are currently thriving in such an environment. However, at some point of time you need to get up and make a choice and ask yourself. Is this where you really want to be? If not don’t hold yourself back and take the leap of faith that may change your life once and for all.

I hope this article helps you to improve your productivity in your day to day life. While not all the suggestions may work out for you or you want not want to inculcate all of them in your personal lives. A single suggestion put into practice can make a huge difference in the quality of your life and in the near future. I really hope that suggestion comes to you as a blessing from me. Have a great weekend.