Sunday, January 19, 2020

10 Things To Stop Buying in 2020

We as human beings are more treated as consumers today in the digital world rather than the human species. Our every move is recorded on social media platforms and accordingly suggestions are made to us to tempt us into buying things online. Our lives were never as much transnational as it is today. Right from the E-Commerce app on our phones to the designs and architecture that go into these shopping malls just to make sure the consumer i.e. YOU is tricked into buying things that you no longer need or want. It takes a lot to say NO. I am aware of that and hence I have penned 10 things down that can help us save money better. After all it’s not about how much money you make, but it’s more about how much money you save.

• SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!! : Offers on sales whether online or offline is one of the major attractors or should I say distractors for us to go ahead and make that purchase even though we do not need it at that moment. These offers create a need in us maybe not for today but for the future and we end up buying things that we may not use in future and regret purchasing it after all. Having said that SALES are good for those who wish to buy something at that moment and have the need to buy an item of their choice. However, we just need to make sure we are not impulsive while making those purchases.

• NEW GADGETS: The craze of gadgets today has been like never before in any generation. There used to be a time when only guys used to be into gadgets stuff but today girls are no less and as time goes ahead it’s just a matter of time each and every one of us are going to be solely dependent on these tech creations. Many of us are go getters when it comes to the release of latest gadgets. It’s more like a status symbol nowadays. Having said that we need to be conscious about what we buy and how often. What is the use of the gadget and how often do you really need a new one. If we put forth these questions before buying any new gadget in the market, it will surely help us in making wise decisions when it comes to spending money.

• SODA: Well, as much as they taste good and make us feel good post consumption, it is equally harmful for our bodies and our minds. You will always notice that there will be huge discounts on aerated drinks of larger quantity at grocery stores as they are aware that once you open these drinks you need to consume them within 24 hours and all of it. Try to switch to fruit juices instead which will not only help you on your pockets but also your health. To add to it the amount of it consumed will be moderate as well.

• NOVELS: Many of us love reading novels and frequent readers mostly have the habit of purchasing books and reading them. This could be a bit expensive and make a hole in our pockets. It’s always better to share the subscription or if you are a frequent reader you can opt for a monthly membership at a library or even listen to audio books if possible.

• FOOD: A substantial part of our earnings is spent on food. Today food is less about eating and more about experiencing the different cultures in food that people have to offer. While it’s a good experience to have our meals at restaurants, it’s also quite expensive nowadays. However, if you consider buying the ingredients yourself and prepare it at home not only will it be light on your wallet but also a well cooked healthy hearty meal.

• TRANSPORTATION: Another substantial part of our income goes towards travelling. While it is always comfortable to travel is cabs, it’s not reasonable to do it all the time. If we can manage our time well, we can surely manage our expenses better using public transport wherever we go.

• WARRANTY: Today electronics and mobile phones are available locally as much as its online presence and these items come with an existing warranty along with the device as well as an extended warranty. If you are a person who changes his / her gadgets every year to keep up with the new technology or a person who doesn’t remember when you purchased a particular product and from where, spending on extending warranty is a waste.

• VACATIONS / HOTEL STAY: As much as its fun to go on vacations and stay in luxurious hotels, it’s also that expensive. Today many of the top You tubers who travel for a living say that if you are vacationing anywhere in the world the only time we are in our hotel rooms is at night time when we are asleep. Though many hotels provide us with a large variety of breakfast the next morning, we also need to understand that we spend more than we get here. It’s always better to customize your vacations with things that you really want to do than what you are made to do. You can also consider renting an AirBnb which not only comes with good breakfast but also a reasonable stay with a home like environment. Of course the saved money can always be used for another vacation in future.

• SOUVENIRS: Talking about vacations, this brings me to souvenirs. I remember a friend of mine who had his whole fridge cramped up with fridge magnets that were brought from different countries as souvenirs. If you are a person who is emotional and wishes to connect yourself to the places you have visited all your life through these souvenirs then go for it. But if these souvenirs are just to show off to your neighbour about the vacations and the places you took in the last few years, trust me it’s not worth the money. It’s the experience that count and not the magnets on your fridge.

•  BRANDED STUFF : A few of us are so much rooted into branded items that at times we ignore the price and go ahead with what the brands have to tell us. I myself used to be a branded type of guy but overtime I have realised that as long as you keep your stuff well maintained and take care of them the need for branded items will reduce automatically which will in turn lead to saving much money.

These 10 things that I have mentioned in this article helped me a lot to save money overtime, however it’s not necessary you need to follow all of them. Just a few may work magic in your life. I hope this article helps you to cut down on unnecessary expense and maybe help you with your debts if you are currently struggling with it. Have a nice day ahead.