Friday, January 17, 2020

The Perfect Partner

Today we all are living in a dilemma of a perfect life, or a perfect job, or a perfect date and mostly a perfect partner. While we are living in a world full of imperfections we still tend to look for perfection in another person and decide to live our lives with them. Knowingly or unknowingly, this is one big mistake we make in our lives. Even after knowing that apart from everything what God has created in this world, nothing is perfect and humans are a part of that imperfection as well.

Many a times, I have come across couples stating that he is a perfect partner or that girl is the girl of my dreams, no one can be as perfect as her. Few understand that those with opposite likes or dislikes or interests tend to engage better with each other while others with similar dreams or lives have less excitement in life as they both are the same and there is nothing to explore with each other. As much as they say in scientific terms: LIKE CHARGES ATTRACT EACH OTHER, Similarly we also need to understand that BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER ALSO FLOCK TOGETHER.

Life comes with so many ups and downs that at times we are not ready for them. We then feel based on external situation that we either chose the wrong person or made the biggest mistake of our life. The fact here is that we need to stop finding perfection in everyone and treat everyone just like the way they are. No matter how imperfect a person is, there is a lot perfect in imperfection as well.

Of course we all have tastes and preferences and traits we gravitate toward, and things that we find good enough for our own respective lives. Yes, it’s good to have preferences, but if you’re chasing perfect, you’ll be disappointed—and ultimately lonely. Perfect doesn’t exist. It’s a image created of a particular person in our mind. This perfection that you are obsessed about is only perfect for you. What was perfect for you in your teens probably isn’t what’s perfect for you today—unless of course, you haven’t changed, grown, or evolved. But I know you have, so let’s talk about what’s perfect for you today.

OK, let’s put away the word “perfect” for the moment, because it’s overused and dangerous. Let’s start instead with the word important. What’s important to you? What matters to you? Think about all the relationships you’ve been through and all the things you’ve learned from them about what works, what doesn’t work, what you want, what you need, about love and loss, and all your unhealthy patterns. With all that information, ask yourself: What’s important to you today?

Does your person have the qualities that’s truly important to you? We should not look for single little thing, because again, no one’s perfect. However, the important things that matter. The deal breakers. The things you are not willing to negotiate, because you learned your lesson last time. The things that drives the engine of relationship. If they do, then they have perfect in them—and it’s your job to find it.

This post is about having an engine that runs, but isn't performing at its best. It’s about fine-tuning the engine instead of trying to replace it. Most of us have “perfect” partners but haven’t worked on discovering the qualities that make them perfect.

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