Tuesday, March 31, 2020

6 Small Habits for Healthy Body & Mind

In our modern fast world we often forget about our body and minds and are continuously a part of the rat race that we all wish to win someday. Even if we are not busy, we are continuously trying to do something or the other just to make ourselves feel busy all the time. In such situations it’s always good to take a break and unwind ourselves by following a few small habits for ourselves.

Focus on The Present: We as humans are often either procrastinating about our pasts or constantly thinking about our future. In the bargain, we forget to lead a normal life in the present unless we get sick or we are forced to be in bed. The question is why we should wait for such a situation to arise when our lives are compromised to change for the better. Live in the present. Experience every moment in life. Remove the negativity of life and plug into the positivity of life. Good and bad things will keep happening to us, that’s life. In no way should that affect our present. Do keep this in mind.

Get Into The Nature: Today trekking has become an important way to unwind our minds. There are so many people who are considering trekking as their hobby and wait for the weekends to get lost into the nature and unwind themselves. The nature has a special way to heal you when you are in the midst of it. Nature helps you pay attention to details. It soothes your mind and repairs your thoughts. Helps you to be more positive and have a different outcome towards life. The only common thing about humans and nature is that we both have the inner power to heal ourselves.

Read Inspirational Quotes: I love to read quotes that lift my mood up early in the morning or when I am low and tired of the daily grind. You must have experienced that there are some quotes that you can relate to immediately and you are overjoyed to share it with someone else. Keep these quotes handy and read them when you feel low in energy.

Express Gratitude: Showing gratitude is a way to show your feeling of being content. It shifts our perspective from this material world and you learn to be happy with what you have and not long for more and more. We all know there is no end to a man’s greed. We as human being always want to push boundaries. Gratitude helps us to feel abundance in our lives which in turn allows us to be happy.

Slow You’re Breath: Breathing slow has always been one of the methods used often in yoga to clear your mind and your body. At times, it even helps you control your thoughts. Breathing helps you to inhale fresh air (positive energy) & let go of the poison in our body (negative feelings) do this early in the morning during sunrise for maximum exposure and benefits.

Nourishment: Just as you have to have healthy food to nourish your body, you also need to have a healthy lifestyle to nourish your mind. Nourishment enriches you and cures you from diseases you will never wish to have in your personal lives.

These small healthy habits are like those tiny stars in the sky. They made not look like they make much of a difference in your lives, but who does not love to sleep below a bed of stars in the sky. Involve these habits in your life if not every day, at least twice a week and then you can gradually progress. I bet you will not only live longer, you will also live younger & stronger.