Friday, April 3, 2020

10 Ways To Stay Positive During Quarantine

In this difficult time, where the entire country is forced to stay indoors to ensure the good of oneself as well as for the good of the others, its rather challenging for us to be ourselves among the four walls of our houses. Human Beings are the only creatures on earth who are finding this time very difficult as we have never learnt to be ourselves. All other animals on the planet are not facing any concerns in fact the nature is flourishing to be very honest. In such times, we can engage ourselves in activities that can flourish our thoughts and minds as well. 

Few of the things I have been practicing myself are below:
Mentor Someone: There is a saying that “No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something” Today though we are inside our homes; we do have the technology to connect with each other and spend some time with one another. It can either be a call or a video chat. It doesn’t matter. Every mode of communication that can connect one person with another goes a long way. It does not matter if you are trained or a professional counselor. What matters is that you speak from your heart and your personal experience. Guiding someone will not only help the other person learn something new from your perspective but also help you grow as a person.

Read Books: Reading books of your interest can not only de-clutter your mind but also give you immense knowledge that may help you in your day to day life. For some it’s a hobby and for some it’s learning. Whatever the cause maybe what matters is that the cause is a good one.

Read Religious Books: Religious books can really have a life changing effect on our daily lives. This is one way of spending some time with yourself & understand the goodness of the people who have done some amazing things in the past. Reading such books gives us historical knowledge, wisdom and most of all peace of mind.

Practice Prayer/Meditation: The first few hours of your time of the day should be spent in prayer or meditation. For those who are not that spiritual in nature, meditation is a good choice to free your mind and start your day with a new beginning. Showing gratitude can immensely change your lives and help you live your lives more meaningfully in future.

Cook Something New: Cooking is another way to express yourself on a plate. Treat yourself once in a while for you deserve it. What is the point of all that hard work when you cannot even treat yourself for those little achievements you have got during the week?

Structure Your Day: While you are at home you are not only saving your money for travel, but also saving your time. Structure your day and spend some of your travel time doing something more productive. Take breaks and rejuvenate yourself during the day, it will only help you overcome boredom and get you more active.

Deep Clean & Organize:  Spend some time cleaning your home, your furniture, your fridge etc. If you are not working from home and your office has granted you some leaves until the end of lockdown, remove time to deep clean your home. It will help you get some freshness into your home and energize your mood. Organise things so that you spend less time finding things and more time doing things that really matter on the longer run.

Learn New Skill: Today there are various website with free monthly subscription that will give you access to 1000’s of videos to improve your skillset. This is the best time to improve your current skillset and upgrade yourself or learn something completely new that can add to your primary income in future. Always remember, the younger you are, the faster you learn and retain information.

Exercise: Though you are locked up in your homes and have no access to gym follow some simple exercises at home to get those hearts of yours pumping every day. In case, you are unable to spend time exercising, then keep a tab on your diet. You don’t want that you don’t fit in your clothes once the lockdown is over.

Create 5 Year Plan: Planning your life ahead is always a good thing to do. Especially for times like these, you never know what’s coming in the future. Hence, it’s always good to plan your life in advance. It’s not necessary your life will always work out the way you wanted it to. Things may change midway, but at least you will be sure about what you want to do in the near future.

As much as it hurts to see people suffering and struggling to cope up with their lives during this time, we should thank God for giving us this opportunity of learning from the present and work towards a better future. Life will always teach us lessons but what matters are we ready to learn from it? I really hope this blog helps you in the coming days and I pray that you and your families are always safe. Take Care.