Friday, April 10, 2020

The 3 Magic Words

The 3 Magic Words
The 3 Magic Words, If you recollect some of your memories of the good old school days, you will remember how we were taught about the 3 MAGIC WORDS and how important it was to use them in our daily lives. According to our parents as well as school authorities these words determined the discipline as well as the behavior of a child at that point in time. Children were either termed disciplined or undisciplined accordingly.

Well those were the early days that have now changed and so has the perspective of the people around you. Now days, if you use these kind of words people may laugh at you while using slang language has become the new norm or the cool stuff. Having said that it’s not the words that you utter that make the difference in your behavior but it’s the way you say it and when you say it and especially to whom do you say it, is what matters the most.

The 3 magic words are simply: PLEASE, SORRY & THANK YOU

Now these are just simply words like any other words. More than these words being magical, it’s more about if the magic happens within yourself when you utter these words. If it does, it’s fantastic and if not it will surely show in your behavior to others.

For instance if you grab something and say PLEASE or hurt someone intentionally and then say SORRY or take what you want and then say THANK YOU like they were willing to give it  to you, it doesn’t really keep the essence of these magical words. Isn’t it? It’s more like you are imposing yourself on others using these magical words as cover and doing whatever you wish to do without really understanding the meaning of these words. There is no point of PLEASE, SORRY & THANK YOU without a sense of entitlement.

Always remind yourself of the intention behind using these words consciously. There maybe things that belong to others that we wish to have, so we say PLEASE. If you are hurting someone or stepping over someone unknowingly you say SORRY & feeling a sense of gratitude automatically ends with a THANK YOU. An individual’s behavior does not determine ones consciousness or intention. In school you were taught that if you use these 3 magical words, you will get whatever you wish in life. But you say something to a person and the moment you turn your back towards that person you say something mean or harsh about them. This does not mean you are genuine. People can cultivate behavior and learn them just like spies who learn to control their emotions while on their undercover missions.

Try using the magical word PLEASE to a buffalo crossing the road. Do you think the buffalo really gives a damn about what you said? Obviously not. However, if you take a stick in your hand and use certain sounds for the buffalo to move, he will surely move away. So our behavior is what matters as per the situation. Any action which is not relevant to the situation that exists is always an irrelevant action. In such situations we fix the way we behave and not go by the books.

Lord Krishna once said “First establish yourself not in individuality but in union with everything as that is what will determine your behavior with others” and I strongly believe we should do that in a conscious manner. Wise men have always taught us a lot in the past and continue to do so in the present as well and it’s always good to learn from it.

I really hope this blog helps you in the coming days and I pray that you and your families are always safe. Take Care

-By Jaison Noronha