Friday, April 17, 2020

Feeling Of Hopelessness

Feeling Of Hopelessness
Feeling Of Hopelessness
To understand the Feeling Of Hopelessness, lets first understand HOPE. HOPE is nothing but a feeling of positivity that helps us or allows us to move into a direction that will take us further ahead in our lives. Our lives are currently a constant battle towards becoming better than what we are today and HOPE is the only ingredient in each of our lives that helps us keep our stuff together and achieve our goals on a daily basis.

HOPE is made up of 2 things: BELIEF & EXPECTATION. Let me put it this way. To HOPE we must first BELIEVE that a particular idea can materialize. We gauge the possibility of it and accordingly either with facts or figures we BELIEVE that a particular thing or action can happen in our lives. BELIEVING is the first step to HOPE. EXPECTATION is the last step or the result of HOPE. What we expect from what we believed is it happening or not? EXPECTATION is more like conclusion of HOPE or an end result.

Now BELIEF is mostly positive, however EXPECTATION is something that can either be positive or dramatically negative for us if our EXPECTATIONS are not met. That is where the FEELING OF HOPELESSNESS walks into our minds. 

The FEELING OF HOPELESSNESS is not only a negative experience but it also greatly influences our ability to do things in our lives and  affects our physical health as well. Here are 8 feelings of hopelessness that most of us have come across in our lives and will help you identify how you feel as per your situation when you lose out on HOPE.

I’m In Over My Head
I’ve Hit Bottom
Out of Control and Powerless
Rejected and Lonely
Remorse and Regret
Crushing Fear

The whole world is dependent on this one word of HOPE. It’s a thread that hangs between possibility and destruction. At first it thrives in our minds and then plays into our actions. The below quote will help you to understand hope better:


Having a strong healthy mind is the only way out of HOPELESSNESS. Yes, there will be times when we may have failed ourselves but who said we are perfect. God made us imperfect so that we can fail and move on in our lives just like an experiment and learn from our mistakes and failures after all failure is the first step to success. Keep Hoping!!!

-By Jaison Noronha