Friday, June 5, 2020

6 Habits That Changed My Life

Habits can either make or break one’s life. Therefore it is very important to choose your daily habits appropriately as per your needs and requirements and work on them in a positive manner. This will not only ensure that your habits help you grow as a person but also lead you to a successful life. Everyone has their own set of good and bad habits. That is perfectly okay. We just need to ensure that we tweak our good habits well enough so that our day to day lives are productive and control our bad habits to ensure that they don’t come in our lives as hindrances to our success.

I have been a disciplined person all my life. My life has been set around rules and regulations that help me be better than what I was the day before. For me personally, it has always been about getting better and better day by day and not looking back. However, as we are busy with a set of habits, we fail to explore new habits and are stuck up with our old ones. It is always advisable to follow a habit for like a week or two and check if it has made a positive change in your life or not. If not these habits are just going to add up in our lives as routines with no motive at all.

Every time the year is completed and the New Year begins we are all charged up to make choice of certain habits that will improve our lives. However, as the New Year kicks in and we miss out on our habits for a day or two, we lose interest and focus thus not following the habit at all. Hence, it is important that we follow our habits and track our progress weekly and not make long term habits without any quality check on it.

I have been changing my habits for the last 1 year, however there are 6 habits that have stuck with me and helped me grow as a person and also disciplined my life overall.  Today, I would like to share these habits with you all so that you guys can make the most of it if these habits matter to you and if you could include them in your daily busy life.

• Waking Up Earlier: In today’s fast paced life, many of our life routines are that of a night owl. We are awake till late and we wake up late for the next day. Waking up early is not something that favors all of us. In this article, I do not mean waking up early means you have to wake up at 4:30 AM or 5:30 AM in the morning from tomorrow onwards. It just means waking up a bit earlier than previous days. If you are someone who stays up late hustling your work then waking up early is not recommended as it may affect your sleep patterns and also affect the quality of that day in particular. You can make choices of going to bed earlier rather than being on those Netflix shows and eventually get into the habit of waking up early. Waking up early gave me that additional boost required to be ahead of everyone. While others were asleep, I was busy working and that gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I enjoy till date. Try it out and if it doesn’t suit you, find a better way to do it.

• Gratitude: Gratitude is something that is missed out immensely in this fast paced world. I never practiced gratitude all my life and when I realized how beneficial it can be to a person’s positive nature, I started spending 5 minutes of my time before going to bed in Gratitude for everything that I have and for all the experiences in life, positive or negative doesn’t matter. When you start including the feeling of gratitude in your life, you will start feeling content for everything that you do thus fulfilling your desires and accomplishing your goals more meaningfully. Maintaining a journal of gratitude is also a good option. When you feel the world is falling apart, you can always go back to your journal of gratitude and experience the happiness you once felt and relive those memories and heal your present self.

• Don’t Give Up: When I was little, I always heard my mom saying “NEVER GIVE UP IN LIFE”. Many a times we come across situations that are beyond our control & we just lose hope and our minds. We give up the control and falter.  I have also always known that “FAILURE IS THE FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS” However, giving up is not failure which in turn will lead to success but giving up is about not wanting to make the effort irrespective of the results. Even though we might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, we should always believe in ourselves and move ahead in life. Put the effort to ensure you do not regret not putting in efforts when you had the chance to do it. Success is all about not giving up. Keep this in mind.

• Daily Planner: Daily Planner has always been a part of my life, however it has been more often on and off  and not consistent. However, during this quarantine due to the COVID-19, I was able to work on this aspect of my life. Maintaining a daily planner the day before you go to bed, gives you a sense of satisfaction that the following day has been planned for you and you need not worry about the tasks tomorrow. It will help you to organize and maintain discipline in your personal as well as your professional life. Apart from that it is really a very constructive habit that will take you a long way without missing on those important tasks that you are supposed to complete on a particular day. At the end of the day, you have a sense of accomplishment looking at the tasks you have completed that day. Try it out it really helps. All you need is a book and a pen.

• Listen to Your Gut: Many a times we are in turmoil while taking important decision and we go by what someone else tells us what to do. Later, we realize we should have followed our own gut and not depended on someone else for suggestions or advise. The first step should always be to listen to your gut. It will bring more confidence in you. In case, you are still confused then you can go for a second opinion but always have your gut decide the difference between right and wrong and then go ahead and do the task eventually.

• Being Honest: Working in a corporate environment, I would not boost about being honest all the time. There are times when you may have to be diplomatic and take decisions that may not be right from your point of view, however it is the right thing to do for the business that you work for. However, at the end of the day it is important that you are honest to yourself. If you have made a wrong decision, tell yourself about it and make it a point to reflect on it to ensure you do not make the same wrong decision again. Being honest is a karma that will always help you in future.

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I really hope this topic helps you to bring in new habits in your lives that may change you life forever. Thank you for taking out the time to read this post and have a lively day ahead.

Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube