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Today’s article Visualization is one of my favourite topic, something that I wish to share with one and all. Visualization is one technique that is similar to meditation but has a very deeper insight to it. The results of visualization can be very satisfying if you have personally experienced the same. It isn’t impossible but it's not easy either. It requires a whole lot of patience and an equally calm mind. 

Along with my office work, I have been engaged in a lot of freelance activities for the last couple of years in tandem to my regular office work.  Managing all this for me would have been impossible, had I been thinking of it in a manner that I was thinking a couple of years back. What changed my life? How have I become so productive? This article shares the secrets which I hope will be helpful for you as well. Though it has helped me immensely, I believe I have known only 20% of the actual concept and there is still more to explore and I’m working further on it. However, I would still wish to share whatever I have known and learnt until now and what has worked for me. 

Meditation helps us to improve our concentration and focus. But visualization helps us to experience the actual life we wish to live and which we are yet to live. You can experience future life in the present but before you start to visualize, you need to be clear about your goals or outcome from this exercise. If you don't have a goal, then this exercise cannot give you any results.

Below are the steps that I followed to visualize and I'm actually seeing the results; 

Set a goal: You need to decide what you wish to achieve through this exercise. Whether it’s money, vehicle, house, job etc. You have to set a goal before you proceed. I have set my goal to create a brand that can spread positive vibes and help people to be more productive and live a meaningful life. Towing on the same lines, I have created this blog EkNewLife which focusses on the same idea and this is just growing.

● Choose a silent and a dark place: I do this exercise in my bedroom late in the night before I am off to sleep. Silent and dark place helps me to focus on my thoughts for a longer time with zero or minor distractions. 

Closed Eyes and Deep Breathing: Sit in a comfortable position (preferable) or you can even lie down and do this exercise. On the slump side, visualizing while you are lying down can put you to sleep and this may not work out. Close your eyes and breath in and breathe out. This will calm your mind and make you feel relaxed. This lets you start imagining better. 

Create Visions in your mind: This is the best part. You will now have to imagine the life that you wish to achieve. Imagine each and every aspect of the lifestyle that you would live if you achieved your goal. Example: The house you will live in, the happiness of the family, the personality that has changed, the way you communicate, the contacts that you have built, the respect earned after you achieved your goal etc. If you wish to be rich, think about the Bank balance that you would see in your account while you check your bank statements, imagine the feel, that amount would give you when you see it all of a sudden, imagine what all you will be able to do with that money as per your plans. You will have to do this on a daily basis. 

Keep Zero Expectations: As soon as we know that there is something that can help us achieve what we dream, we become greedy and forget to focus on the process and start focusing on the results. By this I mean that we should focus on the imagination and the mental pictures of the future and not expect the outcome of this exercise to happen the very next day. This is a slow and steady process and we shouldn’t expect Instantaneous results. The moment we realize this Truth, We will start seeing results only then. 

Emotional Touch for Success: Once we start this exercise and create those mental pictures, visions and scenes, we should live those mental pictures and make those feel real. The smile on our face if we achieved it, the happiness that we would experience if we achieved it, the joy it would give our family members or friends etc. The moment, we start feeling it in real, we will automatically start attracting situations in our daily life that becomes our stepping stones to achieve them. This is the important aspect that does the actual magic. 

Let me be honest with you, this does not work for all just because everyone is in a hurry to see the results than enjoying the future life NOW. Live that exact life now and you will start behaving, start finding more sources, start building more contacts that will help you reach your goals, and all of this will happen naturally. This will just happen, and you wouldn’t even know what the starting point was.

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Practice Visualization to see the results for yourself. 

Writer: Sonu Singh Yadav
Editor: Soumyashree Bangera
Idea: Personal Experiences 
Picture Credit: mentalismvideos.com


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