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Removing Hindrances and Suffering

Removing Hindrances and Suffering
Removing Hindrances and Suffering

Each one of us has faced hindrances which have eventually led to suffering in our lives. This is not just a fact but it is the truth of life. Some of us are made to believe that our lives will always consist of hindrances and that is the way of life. Some of us live our lives like as if suffering is an important ingredient of our life. What is hindrance? Why is there suffering in our lives? Today, I want to speak to you all about how we can go about removing the obstacles and take control of the suffering in our respective lives.

I am no exception and have fallen prey to this at an early age. We lived in poverty which resulted in suffering to be just the way of life. We fail to realize that most of our suffering is created by ourselves, in our own minds. The day we learn to take control of this and learn to move ahead with it, we shall no more have to deal with words, like obstacles, hindrances, pain, agony, suffering, failure and many such exotic words in our lives. We as humans have always learnt the physical and mental aspect of life. The day we transit to a spiritual being, we shall know the real essence of life all by itself.

Today, you can pick on anyone and see how they are living their life since you are not able to experience it yourself. What do you see today? Here is what I have noticed. The student who gets the highest marks in the class suffers his future will be successful or not. The CEO of a company, who works so hard to drive his favorite car, does not enjoy his drive to work as he suffers the traffic. A model who starves herself to death to achieve that body which will lead her to fame and success suffers the experience of different type of foods in her life. The famous actor who earns in millions suffers drug abuse & depression of his own. There are millions whose lives may appear luxurious but they are into their own kind of suffering.

People even suffer their past, present and future. Take an example of a simple middle class man. He suffers the choices he made in the past. He suffers his present is not as good as it could be. He also suffers what his future has in store for him. This way we suffer each and every moment in our lives thus not able to live the life that we should have lived. Some are suffering failure, while some suffer success. Some suffer education, while some suffer illiteracy. The rich are suffering taxes while the poor are suffering poverty. Those who are single are suffering loneliness and those who are married have their own versions of suffering. So my question to you is who is not suffering? Anyone and everyone you know are into some sort of suffering of their own in their head.

One of the major reasons why we face hindrances and suffering is because we do not know to say no and compromise ourselves in a way that suffering becomes obvious and a part of our journey. The solution is simple. Do what you want to do and not what your colleagues, friends or relatives want you to do. That way you will have accountability too. Stop compromising the quality of your life. Many a times people want us to do the wrong thing, so that they have company for doing the wrong things and it does not feel wrong anymore. If we don’t listen and don’t do it then we are judged and criticized by others. You need to hold a standard for yourself and make decisions for yourself. Suffering the situation will do you no good because it does not change your situation but makes it more difficult for you to deal with it. Worry does not change one inch of your stature but it could change you, make you feel sick and cause anxiety which in turn could lead to suffering.

Have you ever visited a hospital where there are patients who have suffered a stroke or paralyzed for life? They are nothing but a vegetable on the bed waiting to get rotten and pass away. Suffering does the same to us. It makes us weak, paralyzes us and rots us from within. We start living a life that is half alive. A half alive life cannot make a difference in our lives. We need to have a strong mind and tell ourselves that we are better than yesterday and we will be better tomorrow. Thank You.

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Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube