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Steps To Improve Mental Strength

Steps To Improve Mental Strength
Steps To Improve Mental Strength

You, are made up of the very elements of the cosmos. Your superpower lies within you, your mind. Your mind is so adaptive, it picks up on every little thing around you through your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and perceiving the environment. Your body and mind are in a co-influential pattern where healthy habits, body language can reprogram your mind and in return your mind actually makes decisions that control your body.

We often set goals and as time passes, fail to achieve them. You need mental strength to keep you going when things start going downhill, to bounce back from setbacks and to take more risks. With a plan and perseverance you too can build mental muscle. You can harness your superpower to manifest a reality you want, but to be able to do that you need to get mentally strong first. A strong mind is disciplined, committed, self-aware and resilient. So how do we do that?

1. Healthy Baby Habits

Start with waking up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do and make your bed. Mornings are an abundance, your brain activity starts of from fullest and reduces as the day progresses. Don’t postpone small tasks. This activity builds discipline. Just do your laundry, clean your room, water your plants. Practice self-care, encourage positive thinking, identify your triggers and feelings. Every time a negative thought pops, replace it with a positive thought.  

2. Make A Plan And Stick To It

Yes you have to plan ahead without overthinking and over indulging. Make plans for your career goals, relationships, fitness and whatever else it is that you want to achieve. Make plan A and then make a plan B. A plan B will reduce your worries as you will have something to rely on when things go unexpected. Life throws setbacks, you can’t control some things so let go of them and focus on what you can control. Learn to invest your efforts and time everyday according to the plan. This practice will improve commitment.

3. Social Currency

Stop quantizing your worth in social currency of likes and comments. People put up experiences and events that make them look good, do not compare your reality to someone else’s high. Decluttering and minimizing the use of social media is a key element in getting mentally strong. By doing so, distractions and stress causing thoughts will reduce allowing you to focus in building yourself instead. Navigate your way to the healthy use of media. You are here, reading this blog that’s already a healthy use.

4. Fulfilling Mental Needs

A full stomach is a happy stomach. Just like you intake oxygen, water, food to fulfill your physical needs you have to feed your mind with its mental needs like sense of worth, sense of purpose, validation, safety and love. When your mental needs are met, you can keep the deadly mental disorders like depression and anxiety at bay.

5. Stop Complaining And Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Complaining about the past or present isn’t going to make things better, so when you are on “rant mode” identify that, and express gratitude instead. You can write down things that you are thankful for, or strongly think about it for a few minutes. Gratitude instantly puts you in a good mood and clears up your frustration allowing some better non emotional perspective so that you can now think clearly and arrive at a constructive solution. Realize that you are on the driver’s seat of your life. There will be many obstacles on the path to your destination, it is up to you how you maneuver past them.

A strong minded person will be able to think and deliver no matter what the circumstance. Do not beat yourself for your failures, make it a point to learn and do better next time. Do not let your fears and emotions control you, develop an optimistic outlook on life. Your mind is a powerful tool you can use to lead a happy life. So make small changes every day, stick by them, grab opportunities and live life fearlessly. You change your mindset, you change your life. The goal is “to live in peace” and not run around in life so that one day you can “rest in peace”.  

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Writer: Saloni Bhatia
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