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How To Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of You

How To Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of You

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt that your head is about to explode and you are completely exhausted with your life? This feeling is of the 20th century. Today, no matter what we do and where we do it, it’s mostly done either to impress someone or to show that we are better than someone else. This worry has already crept inside our thoughts and minds so deep that sometimes it’s just impossible to believe that our life belongs to us. Our every step, our every move is either criticized or judged by people who really don’t matter to us in our lives.

Now most of this worry is ideally all built up in our own minds and may not even be true. Most of it doesn’t have a base or facts in place. When we worry about what others think of us, it’s an incomplete request or thought process in our minds as this is not confirmed by the other person whom we expect a reply or criticism from. In short, it is not true but just a replica of the picture frames in our minds that this person may or may not be thinking about me. In earlier days, when people used to move out of their homes for work, the only thing they were concerned about was a peaceful travel and good nourishment during the day. Today, we are concerned about our looks, our social media accounts, the ‘LIKES’, the ‘SHARES’, the ‘COMMENTS’ and much more. The list is endless. Why is this so important to us?

With the current fast paced technology, we feel so obligated to check our phones, reply to texts, ensure we reply to everyone’s comments and so on and so forth. You may feel the dopamine in your body at that instant, however in the longer run it won’t really matter as you are trying to live the lives of different people at once. The first person is YOU yourself. The second person is the one whom you are constantly worrying about. Now there is a 50% chance that the person whose judgement you are worrying about is actually thinking about you or not. Mostly people don’t even care about what you are doing as they are busy worrying about what others are thinking about them. Hope you able to understand the chain reaction here. It’s only affecting you for no good reason.  It’s slowing you down in your goals as most of your time is taken up by worrying about the society which could lead to potential problems in your personal life.

On an average a teenager spends 60% to 70% of his or her time in such thinking process. Just imagine the time and energy wasted in such a situation on any given day. Just think about what more you could do during this time for yourself and for the good of others. Worrying about people who don’t matter to you in your life is a mere waste of time. You must only worry about those whom you are accountable to like your parents, your elders, your immediate boss and most importantly yourself. After all, you are the one, who will be looking at yourself in the mirror everyday and you would want to be proud about yourself whenever you do so. 

Here are a few pointers that may help you to work on this aspect of life and help you get more focused and productive in life:

What other people think about you is none of your business – There are people in this world who have the habit if thinking about others more than themselves. It’s okay as long as that thought is in their minds and they don’t confront you with it. You can worry about it when you are accountable to them.

Accept yourself for who you are as you are unique – Everyone is different and is gifted with different abilities. Do your best in whatever you do and leave the rest. At least this way you shall be proud about your accomplishments and give your 100% to everything you do.

Understand that normally people don’t care about what you do in your life – This is an important one and my favorite. Very few realize and understand that people are busy with their lives as well. Today, no one has time to spare for others unless they really matter to them. So don’t stress and take a chill pill.

Accept that there are people who like to criticize and judge – There will always be a set of people around you at home, in your relations, in your office, on the road who are always toxic. Do understand the fact that these people are not toxic by choice. They are also going through tough times in life and it’s just that they have no one for guidance and hence they choose to look down on people just to make them feel good. Ignore such people and move ahead in life. Don’t let anyone claw you down.

People who didn’t like you in the first place, won’t like you in future as well – There are many who believe that the first impression is the last impression. However, I don’t personally. Everyone must get a second chance to prove themselves for everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a bad day after all. For those who believe in it, don’t even try to change their mindset as they won’t. Some of them are as stern as a rock. They won’t change neither would they budge.

When people dislike or hate you, nothing happens to you. It only affects them – This has been scientifically proven. Hatred only affected the person who hates you after all it’s a feeling within him and not in you. Do not worry about haters as they are many and they shall always come and go in our everyday life.

Embrace mistakes and learn from them – Once someone rightly told me mistakes are the stepping stones to success. Make mistakes for you shall never forget the lessons learnt from them but ensure you don’t repeat them ever again.

Be genuinely grateful – Gratefulness comes from Gracefulness. Being genuine and wise is not a very easy task in today’s world. However, the earlier you learn to express it, the sooner you shall feel content and love everything you do.

Remember your life is important to you and to the people who care about you. Do not take it for granted just to please people who don’t matter to you. I really hope this article will help you to start loving yourself and ignore the negatives that you see around you. Avoid them and you shall be healthy and happy. Have a nice weekend. BE SAFE!!!

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Writer & Editor : Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube