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Switching To A Healthy Lifestyle

Switching To A Healthy Lifestyle
Switching To A Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s a small story of my transition towards a healthy living which I am very proud of and felt I should share it here. 

Read along to find out what was the reason behind this big change!

I lived with my parents for around 18 years of my life. Back then as a kid, I was a big foodie! I was never particular about eating healthy as such. I would eat all kinds of junk almost every 2-3 days and this continued for a long long time. In Spite of eating junk, I was still a healthy kid, because of my mom, of course. Her food would compensate for all the toxins that I was taking in! And I was into sports as well, that's how my weight was in check too!

Then I moved to Bangalore for my UG course. This was a major turning point in my life. I always fancied the idea of living independently, away from home and my life in Bangalore turned out to be exactly what I always wished for!

Just like any other University hostel, My hostel Mess was a Mess too! After having eaten such good and healthy food for all my life, this came in as such a huge disappointment. But me being me, turned this whole situation in my favour. I now had discovered a brand new excuse to eat whatever I felt like eating, whenever I wanted. And my parents could not question me! And I took the best advantage of this situation only to find out 3 years later that my hormones were acting crazy and could lead to some serious health conditions if not taken care of. And all of this was only because of the Lifestyle I had back then. 

This whole thing took a toll on me! I started gaining weight crazily and was so hell bent on shedding those extra kilos that I would starve myself of 1 meal everyday because the stupid me thought, that was the only option to lose weight. And in that process I started to lose a lot of hair and became weak mentally and physically. Every negative thing happening around had an amplified effect on me. This went on for a very long time. It was the worst possible phase of my life!

Then I graduated, I shifted back to my hometown. My parents would go to the gym together every morning and now that I had moved back home, they talked me into doing the same. So 3 of us would work out every morning from 6-7 a.m. 

Trust me, it was not easy at all! I had no physical activity for a long time and this sudden change was so hard to cope up with. The only thing that kept me motivated was seeing my parents work out with me every day. I could literally see that energy, passion and commitment they had towards keeping themselves fit. 

That is where it all started. My food habits changed completely. I started to become more aware and conscious of what I ate everyday. I would do a lot of research on healthy food and lifestyle and would try applying it in my life as well. And because I was consistent in this routine, I could see the changes happening. It was slow, but it was happening. I could feel it. This transition was such a beautiful phase for me. I was never a fitness enthusiast but my parents inspired me to become one.  

And today, after being on this journey for almost 2 years now, I am still an amateur. There are so many things to learn but I know this will not stop me from continuing what I have been doing all this while.

Yes, I still love chocolates and Ice creams, but I am more mindful while eating them now hence it is easier for me to compensate for it accordingly.

Prioritizing one’s health over everything is not very common these days. There are times when we try and decide to develop healthy habits in our routine and it just does not happen. The main reason being procrastination. The only way to get rid of this is to hook on to something that drives your motivation and be very adamant about it.

Trust me, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you start prioritizing your own health over anything else in your life. Having said that, do not expect any instant results out of this. If you are looking for a sustainable option, then you need to learn to be patient. Trust the process and enjoy it, only then you will be able to feel that transition and be grateful of all the amazing things that will come with it.  

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first. 

I hope this was worth your read. Just take that first step and rest will follow along!

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