Friday, September 11, 2020

The Power Of Sustainability

The Power Of Sustainability
The Power Of Sustainability

In the earlier days, the concept of motivation was rarely put across to us at home or at school. It was mostly about survival. Everyone did what best they could in order to survive. Today motivation has become the new necessity of life. It's rather a convenient solution to complete the mundane tasks of our lives. Right from waking up from the bed to the thought of getting back to work the next day, requires some motivation from our end to push ourselves from doing it. It's no more about the ultimate survival, it's more about one's own short term aims, goals and achievements. Motivation is often required when you are obligated to do things you either don't wish to do at all or it's not one of your most favourite things to do. For some it’s about moving away from the bad habits to good ones. Here is where sustainability comes into the picture.

Sustainability is nothing but your ability to do things in a more constant or consistent manner without putting much energy into it. Today, we shall discuss how to utilize the powers of sustainability in our daily routine while doing the required tasks and achieve limitless motivation. Sustainability is the secret to achieve the ultimate motivation of life. We are currently living in a dangerous culture where we expect quick results (that give us the dopamine effect) which makes us do it over and over again for that kick of dopamine in our brains. However, the moment we hit a roadblock our motivation levels dip and go in a downward spiral thus taking us away from the challenge or the ability to do the task with the same level of energy. 

Here are a few powers that can help you in your daily life:

Realistic Goals: Many times we go overboard assuming that a particular task or goal is exiting and we commit to achieve it. However, it's only over a period of time that you realise that the goal was not so achievable for you. Even if your goal is to be someone like Mark Zuckerberg or if you want to own a company like Tesla, try to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before working towards your goal. Each one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses based on which we need to keep our goals realistic. Even if the goals are difficult, we need to take them head. At the end of the day it’s all about your small success stories that drive your motivation to the bigger one that is yet to come.

Neutral Energy: The tasks that we perform on a daily basis requires energy. It can be physical energy, mental energy or spiritual energy. Utilizing this energy in the most efficient and effective way is critical for the task you are about to perform. E.g. What does your car when it goes into neutral do to the internal components of the car? Unlike the drive and reverse gears, the neutral state is used before you start your car. At this stage the car is completely stationary ready for its journey ahead. The neutral gear separates the engine from the wheels. Similarly, your brain is your engine and your body parts are the wheels. You need to ensure your brain is calm and composed at the same time focused towards completing the task. This will help you have a motivational start and finish strong.

Start Small / Start Slow: When you have small tasks or projects in hand, you can go full throttle to complete them as they don’t take much time for completion and your energy can be utilized completely on that minute task. On the other hand, if your task or project requires days or weeks for completion, it’s important that you start small and start slow. Have you ever witnessed a 100 meters race? The athletes will put their full power to complete the race in the shortest duration of time, however in the case of a marathon they jog their way to the finish line. They break their marathon race into checkpoints and ensure they start slow. This is critical as they need to save on their energy to complete the race.

Don’t Rush: There is an old saying “Doing things in a haste is the work of a devil” Well, what they actually meant was that hasty decisions are not wise decisions. You may often land up not successfully completing a particular task if there is no proper planning and adequate steps are not taken to get the job done. Every task that we do on a personal front or at a professional level requires a good amount of thought put into it before executing it. Proper planning leads to proper execution, loopholes are identified and fixed thus resulting in a successful resolution.

Enjoy the Moment: The millennial generation has somehow and somewhere forgotten this fact of life. We work hard, put in the hours to get the job done but forget to enjoy the process. We are busy keeping our eye on the end prize rather than the current process. If we somehow exercise this habit, nothing will seem difficult or stressful. Challenges will seem interesting to resolve and the end result yielded shall be even bigger and better than the one achieved otherwise. This does not mean that we must take our attention off the end goal, it just means that take each day as it comes your way, embrace it and work towards it just like any other day. Afterall no challenge is big or small, it’s just our perspective towards it that makes a challenge what it seems.

In recent times, we have come to realise that sustainability is more like a journey and not a destination. There will never be a moment where you are 100% sustainable. Sharing our journeys and experiences with each other and learning as well as supporting each other is the root of humanity and the building blocks of sustainability. The earlier we understand this, the less complicated our life will continue to be and the feeling of content shall be inevitable. Do share your thoughts and experiences that you may have come across in your journey of life along the way.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube