Monday, September 21, 2020

Intermissions In Life

Intermissions at movies are such a relief. They give us enough time to take a break, freshen up, grab some food or drinks and settle down for the rest of the movie. The movie is not over yet; however, we are simply taking a break. Once back from the intermission, the movie continues with a promising storyline once again. Most of us encounter intermissions (breaks and low's) in life as well. Not once, not twice but many times. Few of us forget we were watching a movie in the first place. Many  of us just enjoy and look forward to what is going to happen next before the lights lit up and the screen dimmed. Most of us forget that our life isn’t fit inside the time frame of that intermission. We forget that once we are back, the spotlight light will be waiting for us and in forgetting that, we forget to find our own way back to the hall. We forget to give life another chance and there is only little life can do for us when we are not willing to do anything for ourselves.

Intermissions are just a small part of the movie and not the whole movie itself. They are required in life for us so that we rejuvenate and get back for the rest of the movie with a fresh mind and an excitement for the climax just like the start of the movie to ensure we enjoy the complete experience. It's necessary to always take advantage of these intermissions in life too as they come into our life for a good reason. We may always feel that these intermissions are hurdles in our lives, however we shall know the reason only when we make the most of them and carry on with our life challenges. We need to understand that intermissions in movies or life do not last forever. They come for a short period of time. So, whether it is a break or a part of failure do not feel demotivated but stay strong. It's important to stay motivated and move ahead in life.

You may have also realized that we have intermissions only for long movies and not for the short ones. Life is similar to a long movie. We don’t live for a day or a week. It’s a journey that can take years, decades or even a century if we are blessed with good health and happiness. Have you ever noticed that you work hard for the whole week or month without a break and one day we are sick in bed all of a sudden? This is also a type of intermission in life. Imagine watching movies back to back in a theatre for one whole day. You will surely face fatigue even though it's entertainment. Hence, we need to ensure we take our own time, enjoy the timely intermissions rather than wait for or enforce intermissions that will not only ruin our rhythm but also our motivation to move forward. 

Below are 10 points that may help you during your personal intermissions in life: 

  • Realize the meaning of life
  • Boost your energy levels 
  • Enhance motivation
  • Appreciate the good and bad times
  • Improve your creativity
  • Realize what matters most
  • Understand yourself as a person
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Help rejuvenates
  • Understand the importance of values in life

            "Make Your Life A Mission, Not An Intermission” - Arnold H. Glasgow


So, the next time you experience any intermissions in life just as the current situation where we all are being tested by difficult times with the pandemic, lockdown and stressing over the health of our loved ones, Remember, this is just an intermission, utilize this time to recuperate, build your immunity, reconnect with loved ones, learn a new skill, build better habits or just unwind and pull yourself together because soon life will be back in full swing with new reasons to rejoice and celebrate.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences & YouTube