Friday, October 2, 2020

It's Never Too Late!

It's Never Too Late!

There is a famous saying "Never mind this time, maybe next time" that we often use for others more than ourselves. By saying this to others we give the other person a reason to hope that it’s okay if it didn’t work out this time. After All it’s never too late to try anything in life and there is always a first time to everything in life. We need not put timelines on everything in life. Whether it’s about graduation, finding the right soulmate, getting married, having kids, retiring early etc… It's true that society has divided these accomplishments into age groups, however getting these things done right is more important than rushing into them at a particular time dictated by the society. I will be putting across my experiences and the lessons that I have learnt through them in the last decade that may give you a better perspective to life.

  • Toxic Relationships: Let me start with the most talked about topic in life today i.e. relationships. Now, relationships are not just about girlfriends and boyfriends. It’s not just limited to those with people with opposite sex. It can be a relationship between us and our parents or even the relationship with our friends or siblings . A relationship becomes toxic when there is 0% understanding and 100% compromise in it. Slowly but steadily these factors not only test your patience but also take away the happiness from your life that is required to keep you going. So, does that mean you must end it once and for all? Definitely not. It’s the choice of the two individuals what they wish to do with the current relationship. You don’t necessarily have to give into it. You can take a break or maintain distance to ensure both parties experience the importance of the relationship and also the involvement of one another in each other’s lives. Such relationships need time to heal from the past hurt. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To Start Over

  • Lost Opportunities: Today lost opportunities are often the cause for broken careers. If you miss a bus or train on your way to work, would you give up and not turn up to work on that day? No right. The reason may be as simple as you will lose that day’s pay and you wouldn’t want that. What about losing a part of your life which is way more important than just a few notes of currency in your wallet. There are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities out there. At any point in time you can just capitalize on one and give it your best shot. So why not just let go and take the next one that comes your way. It could be an empty bus or train or a better opportunity than the previous one. You would never know. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To go to the next one. One is any day better than none.

  • Keep Giving, Stop Expecting: Expectations have been the root cause of disappointments in life. It’s an emotion within yourself that is only known to you and not to the person whom you give. So either you let the person whom you are giving know what you are expecting out of it or else just do it anyway without expecting anything in return. If you get something out of it treasure it as your prized possession and if you don’t, just don’t bother about it. As humans it’s difficult to stop expecting, however the earlier we make things clear for ourselves, the more we can give and expect none. Some of us have a giving nature which is a good thing. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To stop expecting. It’s a choice that you have to make from within.

  • Fail with a Smile: Easier said than done. While I was being groomed to grow in my position as a team leader in the corporate world a couple of years ago, I was once told that always follow negative feedback for any individual with a positive one. This will not only ensure the person stays motivated but would also have the will to improve on his feedback in future. Life is our manager and we are the one’s receiving feedback from life. Life may be a hopeless manager, but we need to ensure we smile at everything life throws at us and make the best of it. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To take control of your emotions towards the given circumstance. It will only help us grow and get stronger within.

  • Love the Haters: We all love those who are close to us. Our friends and family to be more precise. It’s obvious we love those who mean everything to us and want the best for us. It’s equally difficult to love the haters that we come across in our lives. These haters not necessarily hate you. They may have so much going on in their life that they are just not able to express themselves the right way or they just want you to be their punching bag at that moment. They are just trying to let go of their emotions. Some of them may have something to say that could be good advice to us in disguise. We need to closely understand such comments and analyze them for ourselves. We need to understand that haters will always exist, it’s how we approach their opinions about us that matter most. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To love those who don't exist for us at all. Life will always provide us with this opportunity endlessly. 

  • Let go of Regrets: We are living in a world full of regrets. Every single mistake in life becomes a recipe for regret. These regrets do not allow us to let go of our past not live in the present nor will it be of any help for our future. It can also adversely affect our mindset and the overall quality of our lives. It’s about time to find a way to let go of them and start fresh.

    It's Never Too LATE! - To start a new life full of new possibilities and no regrets, for regrets are painful.

  • Negative Mindset: A mindset that takes a positive situation and brings out the negative rather than focusing on the good part is a negative one. Focusing on the positives and rejecting the aspects that don’t appeal to us is a better way to lead a life. Negative mindset can degrade the quality of your thoughts and make a good life worse. Negativity has never brought out the best in anyone. Being critical is a better way to go forward though. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To minus the minuses from your life for two minutes make a plus.

  • People Pleaser: Today most of us try to be as diplomatic as possible in their personal as well as their professional lives. We are constantly trying to please people rather than keeping ourselves happy and content. We only tend to please those people whom we wish to benefit from. It’s more like a give and take relationship. While it’s good to be sensible and reasonable with others, it’s not always healthy to be a people pleaser as you will end up spending your energy on things others want you to do rather than wanting to do it yourself in return for something less meaningful. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To change your course and be a self-pleaser and do what’s best for you as a person. You would not want to live the one life that you have been gifted based on others' decisions.

  • Keep Improving Your Life: No matter how good you are at something, there is always room for improvement. Life is a long journey. We have explored less and life will keep unfolding more than we can expect. The best we can do is do what’s right and if we go wrong try and improvise for the better. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

  • Failures make Winners: Some of the biggest lessons in life are learnt from failures. When you learn those lessons and move ahead in life, you will win and success shall be achieved. Life is full of ups and downs. More often downs than ups. That is the fact of life. The sooner we learn to make our failures the reason to succeed, the sooner we will taste success. 

    It's Never Too LATE! - To change failures to success. You have everything you need to succeed

To be honest we have way too much time in our hands than we can even imagine. It doesn’t take much time to make that decision. It just takes a second to make a decision and follow the process. Most importantly make wise decisions and enjoy the process. If at any point in time you feel the decision made wasn’t the right one, It's Never Too LATE!  to change it as per your needs. Hope this helps all you good people out there who have always wished to do something but felt that it was too late. Now is the time to make that choice. 

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences