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Seasons Of Life

Seasons Of Life

Seasons are nothing but atmospheric changes happening in nature on a day to day basis that can last for months together. These seasons are well planned and structured by mother nature herself to ensure every living being on the surface of this planet gets an equal opportunity to experience life completely. There are a million things happening in nature around us every second that isn't visible to the naked eye of man. They are indeed miraculous too. These seasons are vital for the living things and they do have quite an impact on our lives too. Our food, clothing and the way we shelter ourselves to protect from the weather also change as the seasons change in a timely manner. This brings me to the idea that just like we have the same seasons repeating every year throughout our lives, each season can very well be associated with an age group as well.

  1. The Rains - The Childhood
  2. The Summer - The Youth
  3. The Winter - The Old Age

Mother nature is mysterious and in some way our lives revolve around that mystery. Everything in our life is ever-changing just like the seasons of nature. We have just one life and it’s a gift from up above, for us to experience these phenomena once in a lifetime. The best part is that humans are chosen to make the most of it.

  1. The Rains – The Childhood: The feeling of rains is just like the birth of a child. Right from getting wet in the first downpour of rain to the sweet & pleasant fragrance of the wet mud, every feeling is so full of positivity and rejuvenating at the same time as well. It is like the earth is in the process of getting reborn again. Just like we know that water is life. So are the rains a form of life that fill up our rivers and ponds to give us life. They are vital for our lives and for the ultimate transformation of nature. At birth, we are just like the rains. Small & fresh out of the womb and delicate like the fresh new young blades of grass that pop up in every nook and corner during the first rains. This phase of life is the most important phase that requires much attention and nurturing. The growth of the infant thereafter depends on the initial care taken by his or her guardians. You can compare the birth of every child to every raindrop that hits the surface of the earth. Just like the farmers are eager for the rains post summer, so are the parents of the child eager for it to come to life outside. Similar to farmers being ready to invest into their crops, so are the parents ready to take care of their children investing time and energy in the growth and nurturing of the child. Just as you cannot imagine life without rains, it’s not possible to be a full-grown human being without first being a child.

  1. The Summer – The Youth: Summer is the season when everyone tends to relax and it’s the time for the sun to show its identity to us. It’s the season when the flowers bloom to its completeness and some of the best fruits ripen for us to taste it all. Summer is similar to our youth. Full of fun and excitement. As we move from our childhood to our adulthood there is a sense of excitement towards independence and a level of responsibility. During our teens we have the most fun and then move to a more serious phase of life wherein we do our jobs and settle down with a family of our own. This is a season to learn the most and experience challenges we have never come across in the past. The heat of the season reminds us of the trials we face during this phase wherein we are in a position to take some of the most important decisions of our lives. Some achieve success at an earlier stage while some are on the path of achieving success. This is the most important phase of our lives as we implement the values we have learnt from our parents during this time and we also absorb the experiences we come across in our daily life personally as well as professionally which decides the further course of our life. This is the season when we spend the most of our time in our lives and hence, we must ensure its well spent with hard work and courage.

  1. The Winter – The Old Age: Winter is the season when living things wither off especially trees and plants and life forms are shredded with an intention of introducing a new life when the rains comes. This is the time when the leaves fall of the trees, trees stop bearing fruits & they grow dry within. This reminds me of our old age that I foresee in future. This is the time when we get to rest and we don’t have the energy or the power to do more than what we have already done in our life so far. Time is just ticking away and it’s just a matter of time when the time stops for us and we wither away too. This is the time when we get to look back at life and see what mistakes we have made and what we have learned through our journey so far. It's time to let go of regrets and bring those people closer to us who share and care for us. Life will no more be the same for us. Those weak knees and rattling bones will force us to take cover just like any other animal on earth during this season. The only question that we have to ask ourselves during this time is "Have we done enough?" and "Are we content with what we have achieved?"

The seasons of life will continue to move ahead irrespective of our preference. We have our favorite ones but nature will take its course. We need to ensure we embrace each season with joy and dance along the tunes of life as and when it plays with us. Not everything can be perfect in life. Some learn this the easy way while some take the tougher path. Life is way too short than it appears to us and the seasons are much shorter. By the time you welcome, experience and get the hang of one season, it will be over in no time and other one begins. Do not rush into it. Take your time. There is no rule book for life. Life just happens and we just need to tag along. We are just passengers of life. We come with nothing and we go with nothing. That is the truth and earlier we realize it, the sooner we shall be happy and content with it.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences