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How You Can Value Your Life

How You Can Value Your Life

“How do I value my life?” If you are asking this question to yourself, always remember that the one thing that remains constant in our life is change. The more we run away from it, the more challenging our life becomes over a period of time. Instead of avoiding the subject, take a leap of faith and figure out ways to change your life to ensure it works to your advantage resulting in a better quality of life. We are surrounded by external elements that keep changing every hour, every minute, every second of our lives and it is the one thing that has the most dramatic effect on our lives. There is no avoiding it as it will force you to reconsider how you live your life.

Change can knock on our doorstep at any point in time. In such situation we are forced to make a choice - do we make the change or not? Whether you become successful in life or not? Whether you want to live a satisfied life in what you do or not? Whether you wish to live a life with no regrets? These things depend on whether you embrace change or not. If you’re thinking about how to change your life, here are 5 things that you can do to get started. You must have already come across these suggestions through your friends or family, however you might have not paid keen attention to them in the past. However, hope this article helps you to understand them better and inculcate them in your daily lives.

  1. Do not Stagnate Yourself : Have you ever come across a situation in life wherein you are frustrated since you are stuck in traffic for hours while on your way to work or you are stuck in your career where you do not see any growth for a long period of time or you are in a relationship with no emotional bonding. These are examples of being stuck in a situation that you may feel that you can do nothing much about. Here is where you need to take a step of change and progress in life eventually. Moving ahead is progress. Moving ahead is evolution, Moving ahead is advancement. Have you seen a water well that has stagnant water on it and has not been used for a very long time? You will find it all messed up with weeds growing in the crevices of the walls of the well making the water not worthy of drinking. If in case you wish to make it functional you also need to invest that much of money, time and manpower to get it cleaned and restore it back to its original glory. Similarly, the more you live your life in stagnation, the more it will affect your morale and the more you will be moving backward instead of racing forward. The earlier you make the decision of moving out of stagnation, the less is the time and effort you will have to put towards moving forward. 

  1. Do not live in the past: There are so many of us out there who are still living in the past and making a mess of the present as well as our future. I was that person at some point in time when nothing in my life was going as I wanted it to be. However, as time passed by, I have realised that dwelling in the past can only destroy you and not make you stronger for the present or the future. We need to understand that each of us have a past that we never intended it to be. We all come with some sort of baggage of hurt and misunderstanding. However, we are not that past. Our past was only a part of our life story. It could be a small chapter too. It was just a phase where we must have made wrong choices and incorrect decisions, however it would not be wise to dwell on them and ruin the rest of our life that lies ahead of us. We should ensure that if in case we are not able to change it, we should learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes again. As right said by C.S Lewis 

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending" 

  1. Do not live life like others: Today, in the world of social media we are busy scrolling through the life of others rather than making a life of our own. We compare our life to their lives and feed sad and sometimes even depressed about the fact that their life is more glamorous or successful than ours. We need to understand one basic thing is that no one updates or documents their challenges or bad days on social media. It's only the good times that make the surface of the page. Everyone has their good and bad times, but unfortunately, we choose to see the good part and ignore the struggle they must be facing to make their life that good. You need not compare your chapter no 1 with someone else's chapter no 21. Even if they are on the same chapter as you are, they may have a different set of resources and foundation due to which they are at that point in life. Be yourself. Do what you can do with your life and the resources that you possess. This is no competition. There are many who started off late but finished first. It doesn't matter what others think of your achievements. The question you need to ask yourself is “Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?” If the answer is yes, then that's the end of the struggle and it's time to treat yourself with something good.

  1. Do not chase validation: While we live in the world full of likes, shares, forward and follow one another. It's also important that we don't just put our lives at the mercy of someone else hitting a few buttons on their mobile phones. LIKE the life you are living, SHARE love with others that deserve it, move FORWARD in life and FOLLOW those who contribute and make your life more meaningful that what it has been so far. No two people may have the exact same likes or dislikes. Do not worry about people not able to relate with your thoughts or emotions. You are here to stay and live your life yourself and not based on someone else views and opinions. It's good to consider them once in a while, however make the best choice for yourself. Today where everyone wants to speak and no one wants to listen it's challenging to put your thought forward and that's perfectly okay.

  1. Do not reject grace: God has gifted each one of us with grace. Grace is nothing but a pleasing way of treating someone or something. However, very few of us are aware of it. When I was working in my previous company, I came across an instance that challenged the grace in me. There was this person whose father was hospitalized due to cardiac arrest and was in dire need of money. At the same time, he had a history not having a very pleasant attitude with people. When he asked me for some financial help, I was reluctant to help considering his attitude, however that is when my wife asked me to be graceful and help him with no expectation of him returning the money. I ended up helping him and to my astonishment he returned the money I lent him in time without any reminders. In this example my grace was challenged but it took someone else to awaken that grace for me. However, when you realize the grace in you, it's completely your call if you wish to reject the grace or act upon it. What I learnt from this experience is that when you get what you want be grateful and when you don't be graceful. Don't give into anger, frustration, depression or aggression. Live your life full of dignity and find a way out with solutions.

Remember that you always have a choice to make as to how you want to value your life. Choosing to act on these five things will help you get started as you look forward to improve various areas of your life. Take your time. Life starts when you decide to change!

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences