Friday, November 6, 2020

What Matters In Life

What Matters In Life

There is a saying that if you wish to learn the real meaning of life, spend some time at the old age homes and the experiences you shall get to learn are the treasures of wisdom that matters in life. Today life has just become a routine for many of us and our happiness and wellbeing are gauged based on the materials we have gathered throughout our life so far. We wake up, get to work, come back home and repeat the whole routine once again.  It may seem productive to many but the actual truth is that you are just trying to keep yourself busy all the time just to add a few more numerical values to your bank account. There is no sign of satisfaction or fulfilment. We just wait for those Fridays and say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) and once the weekend is over it’s another Monday morning blues that we are left to deal with usual.

What matter to each one of life can be unique and different, but what really matters to us does add more value to our lives and help us to make a positive difference for ourselves as well as for those around us. Few days ago, I read a story of a man who went on a solo trip to an island for a vacation. He was so mesmerized at the island that it made him feel calm and free every moment he was on that island. He immediately decided not to return back home and has been on that island ever since. It’s been years now that he calls that island his home and is now known to be the care taker of that island. He said that the island has everything that he needs. The island takes care of him and so does he to return the favour and maintain the peace and balance between the relationship of himself and the island. It was not just a life changing decision for him but also a life changing experience over the last few decades.

We are so used to living in this concrete jungle with technology all around us that today we do not have time for anything that really matters to us. We work odd jobs just for those monthly pay checks and pacify ourselves that we are moving ahead in life and careers, but the real truth is that we are far behind in our personal wellbeing which is way more important than anything else. Go back and try to recollect some of your childhood memories. How full of fun and energy they used to be. There is no doubt they will bring a smile on your face while you recollect them. Are you able to experience the same intensity of energy and happiness today? Those experiences have just become the memories of the past. The only reason we cherish those memories today is because we no more have those memories in our present life. We always try to look back in the past and cherish those memories in the present. It’s really important we find our own meaning of life & the things or relationships that really matter to us. For some it could be their career, for some it’s their kids, for some it can be their hobbies, while for some it’s their pets. No matter what it is, ensure it makes you feel calm and peaceful.

Building memories is the best thing you can do in your life as you do not need anyone’s permission to revisit it. Just like we are too busy with increasing our bank accounts, we should also find time to fill our lives with memories that bring us happiness and joy. The day we realize that the basic necessities of life are food, clothing and shelter, nothing but that, we all shall start living a life of fulfilment. We won’t struggle with happiness. Happiness will just come to us as a routine. Happiness is no rocket science. It’s a choice you have to make consciously. Today, we buy expensive gadgets, jewellery and many such materialistic things but that happiness just lasts for a small moment and then it's all over. After a month we are again trying to upgrade our gadgets or make new purchases. Materialistic happiness is temporary. Find your real happiness and treasure it for the rest of your life.

A wise mathematician once said “If you look at zero, you will see nothing, but if you see through it you will see everything” This is all about your personal perspective. Our thoughts and our minds can experience positive vibes just by changing our perspective. It’s all in your mind. You don’t need to take every bit of life seriously. At times, you just need to go with the flow. Went out your anger if required. It’s okay to be angry at times. Kick a door or cry out loud but get over with it. Taking out anything negative from your system is good karma. There is no point in worrying about things in life. Worry is more like a rocking chair. It may keep you busy, but won’t get you anywhere. We are racing so fast in our present lives that we have forgotten to pause for a while for ourselves and enjoy the moment. We are blind to it, we are deaf to it and at times even numb towards it. We have lost the feeling of being sensitive.

Always remember that there is always something new to discover every day. Just like we feed ourselves to get through the day, we also need to feed our soul as well.  If you feel you need 30 minutes to spend some time with yourself, take it.  You need not ask anyone for it. It's your time and your life. It’s always good to invest in yourself. You have the right to invest in yourself. Whether you shut yourself in a room or go to the mountain top, just ensure you do it. Take life slowly. There is no need to rush. Be a bit gentle with yourself for life is beautiful and so are you.

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Written by Jaison Noronha
Idea Source : Personal Experiences


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